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Can I install Dome antenna on wall, and Panel antenna on ceiling?

Yes, you can do that but do consider the following:

Dome antennas have a wider beam width and thus they spread signals in all directions. Consequently, they are more suitable for mounting on ceilings because signals disperse and do not project as far out - just enough to cover open spaces in its path (below, if mounted on ceiling or rest of the room, if mounted on wall). They can certainly be mounted on wall to provide better signal in that room but signals will probably not be able to penetrate through walls to provide better reception in room(s) farther away from it.

Normally, we do not recommend using a dome antenna on a wall because while the vertical beam width is 360 degrees, the horizontal one is only 60 degrees. The way it distributes signal, it will project signals only about 10 feet or till edge of the room with open space. Dome antennas are made for spreading signal out like in an office space with 8-10ft. ceilings where the signal can go out the sides. Thus, if it is on a wall, it won't go out the same as it would on a ceiling.

Panel antennas have a narrow beam width and thus they project signal in single direction enabling signals to project farther. Consequently, they are more suitable for wall mounting on one side of the house (or on wall facing long stretch of corridor, etc.) or facing the rest of the house so signals can reach areas far away and penetrate through the walls better, across entire home. Due to their narrow width beam signal projection, Panel antennas are thus also sometimes installed on ceiling when better reception is also needed on the floor below.

Here's more info, details, and video that may help you understand the workings and differences between a Dome and a Panel antenna.

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