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Can I leave a cell signal booster on in my vehicle permanently?

Yes. Theoretically, all vehicle cell signal boosters can remain powered on permanently.

You should however note that if the signal booster is powered from the DC power outlet (or cigarette lighter socket) in older model vehicles, it will continue to draw power even when the vehicle ignition is turned off. This could discharge the battery if the cell phone signal booster is left powered on.

In later model cars, truck, SUVs and RVs this is not a problem as the vehicle ignition switched off also turns off the DC outlet.

We recommend you check that your cigarette lighter socket or DC power outlet is switched off when the ignition is turned off.

If it stays on when the ignition is off, we recommend that the cellphone signal booster be wired through its ignition switch so that it turns off and on with the vehicle ignition. Any auto repair and auto accessory installation shop that installs car alarms, remote starters, etc. should be able to do this task.

We do supply an optional hardwire kit that will allow you to connect the booster directly to the vehicle's electrical system but you will need to call us to order it over the phone. Please provide your signal amplifier model SKU or part name when calling us. Thank you.