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Cel-Fi Pro for AT&T Cell Phone Booster System Training Course Certificate of Achievement


Nextivity Cel-Fi Pro for AT&T Cell Phone Booster System Training Certificate of Achievement PDF file should display above. The Cel-Fi PRO is designed to dramatically improve voice and data coverage in up to four bands for 3G, 4G and LTE. Plug and play, simple installation – no external cables, antennas, wires, or drills needed. Clean and compact industrial design. Integrated antennas. End-to-end cellular communication encryption without additional risk of vulnerability. Support for the Nextivity Wave mobile & desktop application. Unlocked: Cell phones do not need to be registered with Cel-Fi PRO to benefit. Peaceful coexistence with adjacent Cel-Fi systems. Intuitive LCD User Interface (UI). Patented 2-unit, 3-hop system. Remote software update capability. Engineering Mode. Mounting brackets included with every unit.

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