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Cell LinQ Meter weBoost Wilson Pro Case: Soft 910054; Hard 910055

Cell LinQ Meter with weBoost / Wilson Pro SKU #'s 910054 (Soft Case) and 910055 (Hard Case). Before installation begins, a site survey is performed. A signal meter is used to reveal signal strength throughout the building (inside & outside). This helps identify the best location to place the donor exterior antenna(s). It also helps locate the best spots for installing the broadcast interior antenna(e).

The Specifications Sheet and Ordering Info for CellLinq Meter is shown above (SKUs: Wilson 910054 and Wilson 910055). Please reload this page if it does not appear at first. Reloading this page will help load embedded PDF file. If it does not appear due to technical problem, please visit Cell LinQ Meter product listing page for more details. Please contact us for Installation Quote Estimate.

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