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Cell phone signal booster not covering all indoor areas?

When a cell phone signal booster is not covering big areas, try adding more indoor antennas with our broadcast antenna expansion kits. These cellular signal booster indoor antenna kits work with all brand cellular amplifiers. They include extra indoor broadcast antenna(s) with required cable(s) and splitter so you can connect them to your existing wireless amplifier kit to place in areas where reception is still weak or non-existent.

Our broadcast antenna expansion kits contain the number of antenna(s) chosen, related required cable(s) & splitter to tack on to your existing cell phone signal booster made by any brand manufacturer such as SureCall, weBoost, Wilson Pro, HiBoost, etc. However, please check impedance of your mobile amplifier because there are two sets - 50 Ohm antenna kits and 75 Ohm antenna kits. Choose from proper impedance antenna kit section depending upon your signal amplifier's input impedance (50 Ohm or 75 Ohm?), and you will be all set!

Please note that this information is only provided as supplementary guidance. It is possible your amplifier’s amplifying power (dB Gain) may be weak causing lack of cellular reception indoors. Or maybe the signal being received from outside (dBm) is too weak itself, to expand broadcast signal indoors. These factors must also be considered.

Nevertheless, we offer 60 days money back guarantee so you can return them if they do not help improve reception with your existing cell amplifier kit. You will only incur the shipping cost to try out this practical option that may very well solve your problem.