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Cell Phone Signal Booster Upgrade, Trade, Exchange, Recycle, Buy-Back Program

Cell Phone Signal Booster Upgrade, Trade, Exchange, Recycle, Buy-Back Program

The Problem.

When to upgrade your cell phone signal booster? If your current pre-existing 2G & 3G cellular amplifier is no longer working to boost new frequency band and technology 4G LTE signals of your new smartphone, then it is time to upgrade.

The Solution.

If you have an old 2G or 3G cell phone signal booster that does not work for you anymore to boost your new mobile phone or new wireless service provider's signals, relax. We offer a cell phone signal amplifier upgrade/ trade up program. We will give credit to help switch your old signal booster with a new LTE 4G signal booster or amplifier. This helps a lot of seniors who had purchased older 2G and 3G phone signal boosters maybe a decade ago, which no longer help because the cell phone service carriers have provided them upgrade to the new 4G and LTE phones.

How it works.

Step one.

To participate in our cell phone signal booster upgrade, exchange, recycle, and buy-back program, simply contact us by Email or Live Chat and provide the details (make & model) of your non-working or non-performing unit. This will help us determine its value.

Step two.

If the deemed value of your cellular amplifier kit is acceptable to you, we will then send you a shipping label to send it to us after you purchase a brand new 5 band 3G + 4G LTE signal booster at a highly discounted price to compensate you for the value of your unwanted used cell phone booster/ amplifier/ repeater.


Our new 6-band cellular amplifiers are international signal boosters that amplify reception of all mobile service carriers in USA, Canada, and Mexico. They boost reception of 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE frequencies ranging from 698 MHz to 2700 MHz covering all bands and channels of all major cell service providers. These include 700 MHz Band 12, 700 MHz Band 17, 700 MHz Band 13, 800 MHz Band 5, 1900 MHz Band 2/25 and 2100 MHz Band 4.

In the distant future when 5G becomes prevalent and 5G boosters replace 4G boosters altogether: When upgrading to 5G boosters from 4G boosters purchased from us, we will offer exceptional discount on buyback of 4G/LTE boosters only if they were bought from Don't shop retail elsewhere, when you get so many advantages with us. Get a great deal now, and swap your equipment to save money with us in the future.

Other low cost options.

Consider purchasing a certified REFURBISHED cellular boosteropen box USED cell phone booster, or a signal amplifier on CLEARANCE sale to save money.

Need help? Call 1-855-846-2654, connect using Live Chat, or Email us.

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Located in Houston, Texas, above phone number is toll free number that works from anywhere within USA and Canada.

Equipment & Installation Quote:

For a custom boosting system design including suggested equipment and installation quote for large residential and commercial spaces, please submit details of requirements.