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Cell & WiFi Boosters Installed at Indoor Shooting / Firing Ranges

Cellphone & WiFi Boosters Installed at Shooting / Firing Range

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Installing or need cell & wifi booster installed in an indoor shooting range?

Get indoor range signal booster install service by expert installers to ensure consistent mobile connectivity.

Cellphone & wifi signal booster installation at in-building firing / shooting range.

Indoor firing or shooting range facilities are typically encased or enclosed inside reinforced metal and concrete building structures to suppress, muffle, or dampen the noise caused by gunshot firing at practice targets to prevent disturbance to other businesses or residences outside nearby. However, such preparations to prevent sound from escaping also causes cellular signal from entering the building or facility causing wireless dead zones within.

Shooting ranges are special indoor facilities that are used to train and certify federal law enforcement personnel in the use of handguns, shotguns, rifles, etc. They can however also be used by private individuals wanting to learn how to use firearms and even have competitions.

A typical shooting or firing range includes firing points/ positions, backstops, shooting booths, firing range control centers, target carrier systems, spaces related to the cleaning, use, and storage of firearms. These may require special hazardous materials, ballistics, and security measures, as well as shower and toilet facilities.

Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters in shooting or firing ranges will ensure that people using the facility will have mobile connectivity at all times. Depending on the equipment used at the range, some might even require cellular signals to communicate with each other. An example of this could be two-way communication systems from each shooting booth to a range master with a visual call indicator light.

Steel, plywood, and concrete are typically used in the construction of firing or shooting ranges. These are used for baffles, sidewalls, bullet traps, overhead containment, and other areas where bullets could impact, and must ensure that all bullets are deflected downrange and never towards the firing line. Ricochet control must be taken into account when selecting protective construction and positioning brackets used for positioning bolt heads, and baffles.

To prevent ricochets and trap bullets, bullet backstops are for example manufactured from core-filled CMU. Shields at non-ballistic canopies and walls are typically made from 1/4" steel plate, while range floor construction is normally 8" thick reinforced concrete. As these construction materials will interfere with and even block cellular signals, powerful commercial or even industrial boosters help ranges distribute cellular and wi-fi signals throughout such areas where cellular reception is required. is the leader in signal booster industry and has provided cell phone and WiFi signal booster installation services to shooting / firing ranges to successfully provide strong WiFi and cellular reception throughout the facility. If your employees and customers experience wireless reception issues in your shooting range, you will not find a more experienced installer of signal boosters.

Shooting or Firing Range Solutions.

We provide certified installation of cellular enhancing equipment made by a variety of top manufacturers for your firing or shooting range to provide maximum mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity for your business.

In the shooting range environment, cellular and data reception within the range provides staff and customers with ability to connect to each other and others in real time. Security systems and safety mechanisms that use cellular networks will also be more dependable, thus providing higher levels of safety and reliability.


When it comes to overall safety management and communicating internally or externally, shooting ranges rely on network connections and digital technology to power their operations. Concrete walls, metal sheeting and expansive square footage will prevent cell signals from reaching inside buildings, resulting in a lack of connectivity can affect all operations adversely.

Our WiFi and cell phone signal booster solutions can help your business overcome the challenges specific to your organization, whether it is increasing overall safety, improving customer experiences with your company, increasing employee productivity, data security, or any other issue related to ineffective indoor cellular coverage.

Solutions for Bad Cell Reception.

We have partnered with cellular expansion systems manufacturers to design and create a mini cell phone tower like systems to boost indoor wireless connectivity and to deliver the best solution for poor cell phone and data reception at shooting ranges across the country. Our commercial and industrial phone boosters provide reliable, flexible solutions for firing ranges that have poor data and cellphone reception. These high-performance phone amplifiers have been specifically designed to deliver the best possible coverage for large areas.

Implementing Solutions at Firing and Shooting Ranges.

We work closely with our partners to provide firing range solutions. We sell, design and have cellphone signal boosters and WiFi signal amplifiers installed quickly, efficiently, and economically.

We have certified installers on staff that have vast experience working with several shooting ranges across the USA and Canada.

When you have a building as large as a firing range, our cell phone signal boosters are capable of taking an existing outside signal, amplifying it, and broadcasting it within the building for strong cellular connection to all cell devices with service from all cell service carriers in USA & Canada.

We're capable of taking on projects of all types and sizes. Our work begins with a site survey. This is followed by a design of customized phone booster and/or wi-fi booster solutions.

Finally, based on your requirements, budget and schedule, we proceed with either cell phone or wifi amplifier installation, or both depending on your initial requirement and our quote. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your cell phone coverage in your commercial property/building. Submit your details for installation quote of indoor shooting range signal booster, today.