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Certified SureCall Installers for Professional Installation of Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Signal Boosters

SureCall Certified Installer

Why #1: Experience.

Looking for the best SureCall cell phone signal booster installer? One of the strengths of our certified SureCall installation team is their vast experience and longstanding reputation in cost-effective and high quality installs of cellular booster systems. Certified installers of SureCall amplifiers to boost wi-fi and mobile wireless reception have received detailed instructions on installation as well as safety.

Every end user deserves to know that they can trust our expertise and skill in handling SureCall amplifying equipment. Submit your requirements for a quote for survey, design, and installation of genuine SureCall Wi-Fi and/or cellular signal boosting system for your business by certified SureCall installers.

Benefits of hiring us? Certified/Licensed and Insured/Bonded.

A nationwide SureCall installation team made up of insured, licensed and certified cellular and Wi-Fi signal booster or repeater installers are ready to have any booster system you might want installed in the most professional manner. Installations can be scheduled in USA and Canada.

Our SureCall certified installers are network booster technicians that have the qualifications required to perform installations correctly and professionally with minimal disruption to your business processes and operations. Trained by SureCall, professional team consists of experienced individuals in designing cellular boosting systems to enhance reception to diverse kinds of cellular and Wi-Fi spaces that either receive limited or blocked signal. As a result of their vast knowledge and experience, their skill and expertise in the industry is one of a kind and unparalleled. 

Along with SureCall professional technical knowledge, commercial building installers have widespread experience in performing site surveys properly, determining the proper installation solution for a customer, and troubleshooting particular installation scenarios. They understand the full array of SureCall products, connectors, cables, antennas, amplifiers and installation of a solution for a customer to accomplish maximum performance.

These certified professionals have received certification after going through training and tests that culminates into a SureCall installer certificate. We can provide iBwave Design for your signal booster system. iBwave Designs are the industry standard for designing the most effective and the most cost efficient indoor wireless networks. SureCall-installed home and business cell boosters perform at maximum capacity as the manufacturer has intended.

Capability to perform site surveys across USA & Canada.

Unlike other locally based installers, we have capability to perform site surveys nationwide across USA & Canada. For commercial applications, SureCall recommends that site surveys be completed before the booster solution has been sold or a customer has received the solution. The customer will then receive the correct cellular booster product including the proper and effective installation.

The site survey's objective is pinpointing the best external antenna placement, identifying the type of internal and external antennae required, and determining the proper commercial or industrial booster for such a location. It is highly recommended that a customer or user complete the CIQ (Commercial Installation Questionnaire) to ensure the right location information needed has been provided.

Nonetheless, customers working in small offices or living in small homes can be directed and instructed on the best way of performing site surveys. However, if the building or home is more than 10,000 square feet, SureCall recommends that a certified installer’s services are requested to complete the site survey professionally. The site survey will be done at your home or office space in either Canada or United States. As a result, a quote including a cellular signal amplifier system design is offered with zero maintenance budget required.

Cleaner Installations.

Once the survey of the site is complete, the right solution for such a place or space can then be determined. This is done using the site survey information to determine the best boosting solution required to fully address wireless reception challenges in that building or infrastructure. Certified cell phone signal booster installers will identify the best location to mount the cellular booster(s) without forgetting that AC power is required, including occasional access for potential maintenance.

With approval of the quote, an installation should be completed within a short period of time that depends mainly upon the square footage that needs the boost. Your system will be installed and deployed by certified installers. Our expert RF technicians will ensure you achieve signal amplification coverage in the desired areas. We will ensure that installs are clean with subtly camouflaged and blended wiring to maintain original aesthetics of any space.

Superb Post-Installation Support.

Once installed, we will ensure carrier compliance and acceptable signal transmission. Carrier registration and remote monitoring (where applicable) will be provided on completion of installation. We guarantee the cell phone signal booster installations performed by us, for lifetime.

Note that by aligning yourself with SureCall certified installers, you can be using SureCall boosters made by an innovative amplifier manufacturing leader. SureCall’s boosting equipment is certified and approved by Industry Canada (IC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

SureCall’s top amplifiers are made for fast 4G and LTE speeds, and have a reduced return rate of 1 percent and below. Furthermore, you will receive access to a responsive tech and sales support team. Choose SureCall Certified Installers for affordable yet swift and effective WiFi and cell phone signal booster set-up at your business location(s).

We guarantee the cell phone booster installation work performed by us, for lifetime.

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