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Certified Wilson Electronics Installers for Professional Installation of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Certified Wilson Electronics Installer


Looking for the best Wilson cell phone signal booster installer? Our network of Wilson certified, trained professional installers are ready to install Wilson Pro building signal boosters designed, engineered, and assembled in USA by Wilson Electronics. We provide 3 years manufacturers warranty on all WilsonPro signal boosting equipment as well as labor whereas industry average is only 1 year. With installers spread out nationwide USA and Canada, we’re able to provide installation services most efficiently and most economically.

Therefore, get top-notch expertise, extended support, and convenient installation scheduling when purchasing boosting equipment and its installation services from us. We provide installation services for Wilson cell phone signal boosters, repeaters, and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) - Submit your information to get started.

We’re Wilson certified specialists when it comes to kitting and configuring commercial and industrial signal boosting systems. We also have expertise in installing distributed antenna systems (DAS) and custom building repeater solutions for use in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings with millions of square feet of indoor spaces. We're Wilson booster specialists.

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We have a tried & tested step-by-step cell phone signal booster installation process, that includes:

  • Based on the specifications provided by you, we will complete a building coverage assessment and design a signal booster system for your specific environment. 
  • An on-site survey will be undertaken to appraise installation requirements and audit system plan. Our technician will conduct an on-site visit to inspect the building, measure signal coverage, and determine if any special equipment or installation tools will be required.
  • After the site survey we will provide suggested design and equipment plus installation quote for your large home/office residential/commercial signal boosting project. This will include booster(s), antenna(s), and cable distribution configuration.
  • You will then be provided with a formal installation quotation and a bill of materials. Your quotation will include the cost of equipment, installation, and any other relevant fees for your project.
  • Following acceptance of our quotation your system will be installed and deployed, and our expert RF technicians will ensure you achieve signal amplification coverage in the desired areas.

Our cell phone signal booster installers are certified PLUS have real world practical experience.

Back in 2012, Wilson Electronics, North America's top manufacturer of top of the range cellular signal boosters kicked off a program dubbed “Wilson Certified Installer”. WCI (Wilson Certified Installer) program generally includes, among other things, training on technical installation and best practices.

As a result, those who undergo the program become WCI top certified installers and wield extensive knowledge on Wilson Electronics technology, its wide range of product lines, installation methodology, and best practices. Professional installers of Wilson boosters are provided with know-how on how to deal with customers problems related to cellular signal.

The professional installers will use authorized and approved procedures and parts in completing the installation. An effectiveness of the booster will be confirmed and tested before installation is considered complete. Note that all the home installers have been background checked for extra safety and protection, including being rated on their level of professionalism and customer satisfaction ability.

Installation in your home or office is as critical as amplifying products themselves because a booster installed properly will function correctly, will be hidden from any prowling eye, operating reliably behind the shadows for entirety of its life. 

Note that our nationwide team of installers consists of insured, bonded, licensed and also certified cell phone signal booster skilled installers that are ready to get your boosting system up and running, professionally.

Expert installers design systems of boosting that will boost your type of reception to diverse cellular low signal and blocked locations. Due to their widespread experience, their skills and expertise is highly rated and one of the best in the cellular signal amplifying industry.  

What the professionals will do is carry out a comprehensive site survey at your Canadian or US location. A cell phone amplifier system design will then be provided with a quote for fully installed signal booster equipment for your cellular devices. Note that you won't need a continuing maintenance budget after the installation.

Once the quote has been approved and accepted, the professional installer(s) will arrive at your place and have the equipment and system installed efficiently within the shortest period of time. Thereafter, you can be sure of enjoying the strongest cellular reception in your facility, home or building with zero disruptions and zero ongoing costs on a monthly basis. We have been doing this for over 10 years and have the real world practical experience to do the job right the first time.

We strictly use brand-new, top quality equipment with 3 years warranty.

For over two decades Wilson Electronics and its popular subsidiary, weBoost have been ahead in the manufacturing and designing top of the line cellular signal amplifiers, antennas, connectors and other components related to boosting equipment. Every booster has been designed to efficiently enhance cellular coverage in different ways inside your vehicle, workplace, or your home. 

All the Wilson and weBoost boosting products are tested to conform to the different USA’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canada’s Industry Canada (IC) guidelines in place. You’re in good hands with our genuine Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters and their certified installers. 

Our customers demand best quality, superb service, utmost professionalism, and outstanding craftsmanship. Our expert system design engineers and expert installers strive to deliver all of above, in a timely manner.

Our operational excellence is achieved by enforcing a few simple core values:

  • Safety first.
  • Be prepared.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Professionalism.
  • Timeliness.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Do it right the first time.
  • Leave no trace. 

Our goal is to quickly assess the problem, engineer the most efficient yet effective solution, and execute the plan with speed providing a real expectation of completion.

We understand business has to go on as usual. We’re respectful of our client’s operations. We swiftly come in and out without notice to minimize any interruptions to your business operation. We maintain a safe and clean job site, picking up as we go. Our technicians are craftsmen maintain a professional appearance at all times.

If we’re going to do a job, we're going to do it right. Our engineers, architects, and construction teams are dedicated to excellence; working together to deliver professional results. We guarantee the cell phone booster installation work performed by us, for lifetime.

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Or submit details for quote of signal booster installation including equipment & installation.

Watch video below detailing cellular amplifier basics. It covers various functions of an amplifiers, indicator lights, installation tips, troubleshooting tips, federal regulations, and much more.