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Comba Critical Point Public Safety Class A & B UHF BDAs (AC & DC)

Public Safety "Class A" UHF BDA (AC & DC):

From the point of view of the venue owner, an ERRCS unit is little more than an added expense without any foreseeable ROI. But thinking about it from the point of view of an emergency responder, an efficient ERRCS system is an absolute must, with the lives of the public and first responders dependent upon its proper operation. is fully committed to the provision of state-of-the-art yet affordable ERRCS solutions which ensure first responders have the full coverage levels they desperately need at a time of crisis, while always keeping costs as small as possible for the benefit of venue owners.

The Critical Point Class A UHF BDA by Comba Telecom was designed foremost to suit the needs of first responders. In full compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the IFC, this UHF BDA is a CriticalPoint repeater solution with the flexibility to support internal window filtering for one, two, three windows, and as many as 32 narrowband filters, and the support for frequencies between 450 megahertz and 512 megahertz. With greater coverage and reliability than ever before, this repeater solution supports rural areas, remote areas, tunnels, and large building structures. The quality of communications is optimized through a minimum level of interference between base stations by way of channelized uplink AGC functions and channelized uplink squelch.

With a comprehensive set of alarm capabilities, the unit provides both local and remote monitoring (SNMP based) and meets the alarming and monitoring requirements mandated by the IFC and the NFPA. System integrators can enjoy the convenience of built-in isolation testing functions and signal generators.

Comba's NEMA 4 amplifier design is highly efficient and allows for low backup costs, reduced electricity operational costs, a lightweight design, and a relatively small footprint. By keeping manufacturing and design in-house and managing its own supply chain resources, Comba makes sure that the Class A UHF BDA unit is state-of-the-art, reliable, and always affordable.

Public Safety "Class B" UHF BDA (AC & DC):

As a venue owner, you probably see an ERRCS system as little more than an added expense with no known return on investment. But when you think about the system from the point of view of a first responder, it becomes apparent that it is an absolute must: a lifesaver for both the public and emergency responders alike. remains committed to the provision of affordable, technologically advanced ERRCS solutions to ensure that venue owners can provide emergency responders with the appropriate coverage needed while keeping costs down to the lowest level possible.

The Class B UHF BDA repeater solution by Comba is designed to be used by emergency responders in the interests of public safety. In full compliance with both the IFC and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), this unit supports frequencies between 450 megahertz and 512 megahertz, as many as four filters (wideband), and support for up to three internal window filters. With optimized levels of coverage and reliability, the unit is suitable for use in rural and remote areas, tunnels, and larger buildings.

Additional features include isolation testing functions and built-in signal generators, which have proven to be extremely convenient to system integrators in the middle of the deployment, along with SNMP-supported intelligent configuration and web-based GUI, uplink PA shutdown, IFC and NFPA-required alarming and monitoring, and a full set of alarm capabilities.

By utilizing its highly efficient amplifier design, Comba has been able to produce a UHF BDA unit that boasts reduced costs of UPS backup, reduced costs of electrical operation, a lightweight design, and a tiny footprint. And with in-house vertical supply chain resources, manufacturing, and design capabilities, the UHF BDA unit by Comba is reliable, affordable, and always state-of-the-art.

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