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Concert Stadium and Sports Arena Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

Stadium cell phone signal booster

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Installing or need cellular & Wi-Fi signal booster installed in a sports stadium or arena?

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Why install a Wi-Fi and cellular signal booster in your stadium or arena? For consistent wi-fi and cellular coverage throughout the facility. It results in strong wireless communication signals in all areas which facilitates more enjoyment for fans, safety & security of employees, attendees, and all present at the venue. We provide comprehensive media and entertainment solutions and transform your concert stadiums and sports arenas with reliable voice and data connections. is the leader in signal booster industry and has successfully provided Wi-Fi and cell phone signal booster installation services to entertainmemt venues such as concert stadiums and sports arenas. We have partnered with WilsonPro and SureCall to ensure there is no loss of connectivity at concerts, stadiums and other entertainment venues where there are tens of thousands of people, all attempting to use their mobile phones or devices.

We provide the most efficient Wilson Certified Installation and Surecall Certified Installation services. We have worked with managers of entertainment venues and media events over several years so that there are no complaints of poor cellular connectivity, poor Wi-Fi signals or dropped calls from the attendees at these events. Your guests can make calls, send texts or access information about the event easily and efficiently with our solutions such as advanced mobile hotspot signal booster systems. 

 Why Use Our Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation and Wi-Fi Signal Booster Installation Services?

A strong cellular signal using hotspot signal boosters do help enhance the experience at media or entertainment events. It does not matter whether it is a sporting event, an industry conference or a musical performance - Your guests will have a complete control over their smartphones and be able to speak to, or text their friends or family with ease.

 They will also be able to receive updates from the social media, browse the Web or watch videos on Internet or YouTube effortlessly, without having to worry about the cell phone reception.

There’s no reason to worry about dropped calls and you will not receive any complaints from your audience that their mobile internet or cell phone does not work.  A solid connection also means more efficient access to emergency services in a crisis.

Why Us?

Experience. Choose us for your signal boosting equipmemt and installation to ensure 100% cellular connectivity when hosting events, whether it is a rock concert, a seminar, a convention or for that matter anything else. Our cell signal booster solutions and W-Fi signal booster solutions work for you whether or not you have interior bandwidth to support them within your facility.

Our cell signal boosters boost mobile access regardless of which carrier your audience may be using. Your guests will stay connected for the entire duration of their stay at the concert because unlike DAS or Distributed antenna systems, our solutions work across the board for all USA & Canadian cellular service providers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile in USA and Bell Mobility, Rogers, and Telus in Canada.

Patrons will be able to upload selfies and videos on the social media in real time while still at an event. They will be able to use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram while enjoying the occasion and sharing the event with their friends. This can get your event the massive publicity it needs and deserves in quick time. 

Remember, poor cell phone reception can turn off your guests and make them really bitter about the whole experience. Word spreads fast on the social media, complaints about poor connectivity and that negativity can cause considerable damage to your brand.

That is why we want to work with you to ensure maximum cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity at your event. We sell, design and install SureCall and Wilson Electronics cell phone signal booster and WiFi signal booster systems to organizers of media and entertainment events across the country.

We have the best team of Wilson Certified Installers and SureCall Certified Installers working for us. We take on all types of projects regardless of their size or complexity and finish our work within a fixed schedule and under a set budget. Submit your details today for a signal booster installation quote.