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Cyber Monday Sale on Signal Boosters for Cars, RVs, Trucks!

Cyber Monday sale offers you a chance every year to buy products online at a discounted price. We’re offering our customers special Cyber Monday deals, huge discounts (10% off!), and free bonuses. Furthermore, any cell phone signal booster purchase for your car, RV, truck or marine vessel of $500 or more will be shipped to you free of charge whether you’re in USA or Canada. Take advantage of great savings on cell phone signal boosters for Cars, RVs, Trucks - Free shipping with additional 10% off your purchase, today!

Cyber Monday Sale on Signal Boosters for Cars, RVs, Trucks!

Marine, truck, car and RV cell phone coverage amplifiers.

Cell towers are stationary structures. As you ride on in your boat, car, truck or RV, the cellular signal is usually weakened or lost. Our cell phone signal boosters are made with your boat, recreational vehicle, motorhome or car in mind. Taking road trips in any terrain around the nation doesn’t have to be characterized by poor data speeds and dropped calls.

Enjoy 4G LTE and 3G data speeds and great voice quality signals for all cell phone users in your marine vessel, car or truck. The beauty of the following cellular coverage amplifiers is that they work with all carriers across Canada and United States.

Why Cyber Monday sales?

2017's Cyber Monday sale begins on the midnight of 27th November. Cyber Monday is a special day as shoppers are offered a perfect chance after the Thanksgiving weekend to shop heavily discounted products online. Established by Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis on 28th November 2005, it is the day where all the best deals are online.

In 2016, Cyber Monday alone saw shoppers making the most of online deals and discounts to a tune of $3.45 billion. 2017 is expected to even offer more deals, bonuses and discounts than ever before.

Make the most of our Cyber Monday deals today and buy a cell phone signal booster for your marine vessel, truck, car, motor-home or recreational vehicle. Following are few examples of truck, RV, car cell phone boosters.

SureCall Fusion2Go 2.0 (Canada Signal Booster).

Unique Canadian cell phone coverage repeater for cars and trucks. Enhances 4G LTE, 3G, text and talk signals. Comes with free bonus parts and supports multiple cell phone users simultaneously.

Shakespeare Super Halo 3G, 4G, LTE Cell Booster (Marine).

The most ideal powerful cell phone signal booster for ships, yachts and boats. Boosts 2G voice, 3G and 4G LTE networks for all cell carriers in North America. Shipped with free bonus parts and includes a weather-proof design.

Smooth-Talker X6 Pro RV Cellular Booster.

SmoothTalker RV X6 Pro is a powerful wireless motor-home and recreational vehicle signal booster. With an omni directional high gain antenna, it boosts 3G, 4G LTE and voice networks for all carriers across United States and Canada. Includes free bonus parts and all you need for instant installation.

Smooth-Talker Mobile X6 Pro Booster (Large Base Magnet Antenna).

Superb cell phone signal amplifier for truck or car. Boosts 3G, 4G LTE, talk and text signals. Shipped with bonus parts with no maintenance needed. Powerful amplifier connecting wirelessly with cellular towers 35 miles away.


These savings won't last long. Take advantage of these great savings and free shipping together with additional 10% off your cell phone signal repeater purchase, today!