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DAS Solution as an Operational Cost for Lowest Upfront Expense

Have you considered turning your indoor cell signal coverage solution into an operational expense? It makes perfect sense, doesn't it? That is because technologies evolve so fast these days that one can barely keep up. If this makes perfect business sense to you, then consider a Cellular Coverage-as-a-Service (CaaS) pricing model for your business.

While resolving your indoor cellular connectivity issues, CaaS not only eliminates high upfront expenses by reducing the cost to a monthly charge, it also means you will be covered for other costs like additions and system changes. The concept and monthly expense can be considered as that of a 5th utility.

What is a CaaS price model?

Using a CaaS model means that you will be offered a signal coverage solution on a per-square foot, monthly basis. This customer pricing model is sold in 25k sq. ft. service packs. This monthly figure will not only include deployment, but also maintenance and ongoing system monitoring.

Please note that there may be a slight increase in monthly charges should the system require operator or frequency additions. However, any required add-ons would be considered just part of the service and would not involve any outlays by the business. Please note that offers this model only on a long term two or three year service agreement basis.

DAS Solution as an Operational Cost for Lowest Upfront Expense

*Anticipated monthly subscription price. Approx. 3-5 cents per square foot, per month. Actual price may vary if building structure is extraordinary. Over 100k sq. ft. will require custom quote.

More Businesses Can Now Access DAS Solutions.

Many businesses simply don't have the financial resources to purchase an in-building cellular signal booster. Of course that does not mean these same businesses have no need for improved cellular connectivity within their building:

They just don't have the capital outlay necessary to pay for a signal boosting system. Now, with the CaaS option, businesses can install an in-building wireless platform to not only resolve any cellular connectivity issues within their building, but to also cover future technologies including 5G and even 6G.

By turning connectivity into an operational cost, businesses previously denied access to signal boosting technology due to the cost involved can now access the most modern, innovative boosting solutions without having to find the funds to purchase their solution outright: They can turn in-building signal connectivity into an operational cost.

Our managed connectivity service for a low monthly fee will enable companies to possess infrastructure it takes to experience reliable cell signal (on all U.S. carrier networks) throughout their building or office complex.

We cover all upfront cost, including site surveys. Our carrier and FCC pre-approved cellular coverage enhancement systems can be customized to overcome any cellular connectivity issues in structures.

CaaS: The Ideal Signal Boosting Solution for Many Businesses

For many businesses, CaaS is the perfect way to budget for in-building wireless connectivity. Let us face it, it is not an option for any workplace today to have poor or no signal connectivity. Old and new business enterprises are finding that they must seriously consider providing an in-building wireless network that not only resolves connectivity now, but into the future as well.

Cell Coverage-as-a-Service is a new business model for in-building connectivity. It is certainly true that large businesses may choose to own their infrastructure outright. However, many mid-size companies simply don't have that option – they are just looking for a mobile solution that works for them, without the capital outlay. Now, with CaaS, small and mid-sized businesses can compete on the same level as larger corporations.

An economical solution to humonguous problem.

Let us face it - inability to connect wirelessly due to weak or non-existent signal is a serious problem for employees, staff, and clients. When considering an in-building signal connectivity solution for your business, you must factor in the overall cost of ownership, including installation components and additional cabling required to deploy and update a boosting system.

And, because connectivity demands of both the business and its employees will be constantly changing, so too will the system need to be updated in time. When considering a cellular signal connectivity solution, businesses must also factor expected technology requirements, for years 1, 3, 5, and even beyond.

Businesses can be ready to meet those futuristic needs now with our monthly guaranteed permanent connectivity service, wireless Coverage-as-a-Service (CaaS) regardless of change in Carriers, Frequencies, and 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, 6G technologies. No upfront cost for hardware, cabling, upgrades in the evolutionary future of distributed antenna system (DAS).

Main points:

Our unique subscription-service model allows you to designate your cellular amplifying system as an operational expense rather than a capital expense. No setup fees or upfront costs are required. As a subscriber, your organization will also benefit from:

  • Get great cellular service inside buildings.
  • Peace of mind alleviating dropped calls, weak signals and down time.
  • No setup fees, no risk.
  • Get free site survey, free professional system design and installation after your company signs-off on service before billing.
  • Quick and easy installation. Initial inquiry to completed installation can be done in as little as two weeks.
  • Get real-time, remote, professional service monitoring via Cloud connectivity.
  • Peace of mind that the system is performing properly.
  • Never deal with support hassles, product failures, or annoying down time.
  • If something goes wrong, auto notifications are sent to customer support to seamlessly solve the problem.
  • Get a professional system design and installation.
  • We will support the voice and data performance levels you need to keep your business running, now and in a future 5G world.

This is an industry leading offering by Submit request for cell phone signal booster service today, and we will determine your monthly cost for top-notch permanent mobile coverage in your facility for lifetime regardless of current technology such as 4G, 5G or the next - 6G.