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Despite having installed cell booster, I have reception problems!

It is important to note that there must be some signal outside for a passive distributed antenna system or signal booster system to amplify - otherwise, it will not work for your situation. If that is the case, you will then require an active distributed antenna system or a small cell system to get signal indoors. If you do have some signal outside your house/building (-100 dB or stronger), please see suggested solutions below:

  1. You may experience occasional fluctuations in service based upon the time of day and other symptoms that are caused directly by the Cell Providers Tower itself. If problem is severe enough to prevent use of cell phone, check the lights on main base unit of the cell phone signal booster system (signal amplifier). That may indicate the problem which may require slight adjustment such as aiming exterior antenna properly towards relevant cell tower to function properly again.

  2. If you're sure you have installed the cell phone booster correctly and there're no indicator lights on base amplifier unit to indicate otherwise, try this: For newer I-Phones, you need to put your phone on airplane mode and back to register on the new signal amplifier.

  3. If none of above has helped, please contact technical support to troubleshoot your situation to detect the cause of the problem why your cellphone signal booster system is not working as expected.