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Do Boosters Have Safeguards for Prevention of Cell Tower Interference?

Cell phone towers omit certain frequencies which may or may not effect a booster, depending on the proximity to the tower and the service provider of the booster and tower. In order to maximize the efficiency of the booster and to safeguard the device from any interferences which may be caused by a cell tower, all signal boosters come equipped with a triple safeguard system against such interference. In addition to the independent dials which can be used to manually tune out unwanted frequency interference, adjustable gain SureCall signal amplifiers are equipped with the following:

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Or automatic voltage gain regulates the closed-loop feedback upon the circuit. As the frequencies spike or change their amplitude, the AGC automatically adjusts so that the input signal is working properly. Because of this, the device does not see an overload on the closed-loop circuit or on input signal regardless of the fluctuations in the frequencies by the cell tower.
  • Oscillation Detection. The booster should have a repetitive variation which is somewhat predictable by the booster. When the variations go outside of the norm, the oscillation detection within the booster kicks in to prevent the interference from damaging or disrupting the system.
  • Automatic Shutdown. When all else fails, the device has a last resort automatic shut-down in order to prevent damage.

These precautions are required by all certified cell phone signal boosters because the carriers need as much help as possible to remove this variable or atleast quickly address it by contacting its owner to rectify network problem or interference. Thanks to required registration by booster owner, that carrier can also contact that booster owner in case of rare signal interference to their nearby cell tower.

Consider this: In addition to cell phone boosters, there're UHF and Digital amplifiers and microwave antennas out there too which can interfere. To add to the mixture, are cellular towers of other service providers on adjacent frequencies which can malfunction and "bleed over" into the licensed frequencies of a particular service carrier.

When any malfunction occurs in any of these areas (in addition to countless more), it seriously impacts wireless service for any particular carrier's mobile customers. Discovering the root of the cause can be like finding a small needle in a huge haystack. Therefore carrier's don't need an uncertified cell phone booster variable possibly causing interference. That is the reason all of our boosters are certified by FCC and have safeguards to prevent interference to cell towers.