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Do Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work? How?

Many people are under the assumption that there is no solution for dead zones or dropped phone calls whilst in a vehicle, and this assumption is wrong! There is, in fact, a perfect solution to these issues - an auto cell phone range extender. Mobile cellular booster kits and accessories have been specifically designed for different kinds of vehicles and applications.

How Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work

If you’re travelling in a remote area or known dead zone, cell phone signal boosters, or amplifiers provide wireless and direct-connect options to greatly improve cell phone coverage in your vehicle whether it be a car, truck, van, or RV. They attract cellular signals from cell towers up to 50 miles away and amplify them. Signal goes into the vehicle to an amplifier from exterior antenna. Amplifier amplifies that signal and sends it to interior antenna which broadcasts that signal to all cellular devices inside that vehicle.

As we know, sound amplifiers increase volume; a cellular booster increases signal strength that is measured in Decibel Milliwatts (dBm). The coverage range within vehicle increases based on increase in "Gain" (measured in decibels - dB) as offered by respective cell phone booster on a cellular frequency between a cell phone user and a booster. The more dB increase provided by a cellular booster, the greater area of coverage the booster will be able to provide.

A mobile kit includes a wireless booster, inside and outside antennas, and cables. It is designed to improve coverage to your data device or cell phone, and can easily support multiple data devices and cell phones. A signal booster with as low as 30 dB can be used in a personal vehicle, while an RV typically requires 40 to 45 dB to cover the entire vehicle.

A Direct Connect booster is designed for one user at a time and needs a physical connection to your phone. It boosts cell signal directly into your cellular data card or cell phone, allowing you to achieve maximum performance.