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Do Your Cell Phone Signal Boosters/ Amplifiers Require Maintenance?

We strive to ensure that our amplifiers are extremely user-friendly. We do ask, though, that you check the setup and components every 2 to 4 weeks. This is called a cell phone signal booster tune-up or maintenance. The following checklist will help you perform an amplifier maintenance check-up.

  • Check the amplifier for any loose connections (cable connectors may become loose if cables moved when vacuuming, etc).
  • Check the amplifier for temperature (is it too hot?).
  • Check the cables for any type of damage (cracks may develop over time).
  • Check both the outside and inside antenna (may become loose due to bad weather so installation may need to be tightened again).
  • Power-cycle the amplifier by turning it off, then turning it on again (ensures rare glitches, if any, are cleared).
  • Check signal strength improvement in critical areas with cell phone signal booster turned off and on. This confirms booster is working as intended. If it does not, the direction or placement of exterior antenna may need to be changed to overcome new obstacles or new construction in your area.

If your company needs professional maintenance service, we do provide signal booster maintenance service agreement.