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Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Require Wifi, Internet, Bluetooth?

No, a cellphone signal booster uses existing wireless signal outside and amplifies it up to 32 times to provide better cellular coverage indoors or in vehicles. They do not require Bluetooth nor broadband Internet Wifi to work. Some signal enhancing systems do work in conjunction with broadband Wifi Internet but those are not called "cell phone signal boosters". Such wireless routers are called by various other names such as AT&T Microcell, T-Mobile Cellspot, Sprint Magic Box, Verizon Network Extender, etc. and we typically install them only on custom case by case basis only during instances when there's absolutely no signal outside whatsoever.

Our website lists cell phone signal boosters that do not require Internet to work. They simply work by improving communication between a user's smartphone and a cell tower using Over The Air (OTA) antenna. They usually capture cell reception via roof-top antenna (few are window mounted antenna cell phone signal boosters). That reception is boosted by a cellular amplifier placed safely indoors and rebroadcasted across the home or vehicle through an interior antenna. The result is boosted mobile signals that result in stronger mobile network reception on smartphones and mobile network connected devices with SIM cards such as tablets or mobile hotspot-using  laptops and even desktop computers. Users can then enjoy clearer calls and faster internet browsing and data downloads and uploads.