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Does Poor Cell Phone Reception Affect My Phone's Battery?

Yes. Many people struggle to figure out why their smartphone battery drains too fast despite turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apps not being used. However, many don't know that poor cell phone reception can have a direct impact on their cell phone's battery life. If you're very close to a cell phone tower and have excellent reception, your cellphone does not have to use much energy to access the reception. However, if your mobile phone is struggling to access a decent reception, it will use more energy, which drains your wireless phone's battery quickly. The worse the signal, the more power your smart phone will use in trying to maintain a steady reception. If there's no reception at all, your cellular phone will continue to search for a signal periodically, which can have a drastic effect on your phone's battery life. Buy a cell phone signal booster to improve battery life and increase duration between battery charges.