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Help! I have Set up Booster and Antenna but Do Not Get Signal

To troubleshoot the booster and antenna you will need to check a few preliminary common causes to determine the best course of action to take. First, ensure that the device that you purchased is compatible with your phone. If you have a 4G phone but you are trying to use a 3G cell phone signal booster, that may be the problem because it won't enhance 4G LTE data signals that your phone receives from your carrier's cell tower. While you can typically use a 4G booster for 3G and 2G phones, there may be some issues if you try to go up the ladder. 

Secondly, ensure that you have the power connected properly and that the power light is turned on. If an antenna cable or the power cable has slipped out of the back of antenna or the booster respectively, this will cause the device to stop working properly. When connecting the power, ensure that the power adapter is plugged all the way in into the devices to minimize the risk of this happening.

Next, check to see if you're receiving any signal with the device turned off. Check both inside of the building as well as exterior of the building. A cell phone booster can help to maximize the signal strength even in an indoor dead zone, but if there's absolutely no signal outside to boost, then the device will not work. However, if you do find a signal on external part of the building, place your outside antenna at the strongest signal point. Interior antenna should be placed where you need the reception indoors but there must be some distance between external and internal antennae, in order to prevent oscillation.

Therefore, please make sure that there is plenty of separation between inside and outside antennas. Do not have them too close together. If you're still having problems, please call our technical support team or go to SureCall’s online chat and ask for tech support. Our advice line is 1-855-846-2654. We're always happy to help.

Need help? Call 1-855-846-2654, connect using Live Chat, or Email us.

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