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Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

Hotel cell phone signal booster

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Installing or need cellular & Wi-Fi signal booster installed in your hotel, motel, or restaurant?

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Why install a Wi-Fi and cellular signal booster in your hotel building or restaurant? Hotel guests receive strong cellular connectivity to help them connect with friends and family so they can enjoy their stay. is the leader in signal booster industry and has provided Wi-Fi and cell phone signal booster installation services to hospitality industry businesses such as hotels, motels, and restaurants to successfully resolve the lack of strong WiFi and cellular reception throughout their properties. Have you had such a signal amplifier system installed at your premises? If your customers and yourself experience wireless reception issues on your business property, you will not find a more experienced installer of signal boosters. We have had signal boosters installed at hospitality businesses to help them make the most of their mobile telephone plus wireless broadband Internet services.

Hospitality Solutions.

Fast, effective cellular reception is absolutely essential to provide your guests with a pleasant experience in your hotel, motel, resort, restaurant, or other hospitality facility.

Today, with online booking websites and travel apps, it has become easier than ever before, to find a great deal. But you have no doubt noticed that it is almost impossible to find a hotel with great cellular coverage. 

When hotels have poor cell reception, guests experience difficulties when trying to make cell phone calls, book travel plans, confirm reservations, and stay connected with their loved ones at home. For many hotel guests there’s probably nothing more frustrating than staying in a hotel where they cannot access a GPS map in real time or even send a text.

It does not matter whether your hotel guests are on an important business trip or simply enjoying a relaxing vacation; your goal should be to ensure their safety and comfort. And you cannot deliver either of these without providing reliable cellular reception. It is imperative that guests have that ability to map their location, make a cell phone call from their hotel room, or send a text message from their smart phone to a loved one without having to think twice about it. In many instances, boosting cellular reception also increases hotel operational efficiency, ensuring that payments and checkout procedures are quick and seamless. Gives You the Supreme Advantage!

With word of mouth free advertising, and online review proliferation for every business including hotels and motels, you can have an upper hand by providing strong 5-bar cell phone coverage across all motel and hotel rooms plus all other interior spaces such as lunch and breakfast buffet areas, workout/ exercise facility, swimming pool, as well as in-hotel bar and restaurant. The result will surprise you. Teenagers and adults alike look for decent cellular coverage in patron reviews to decide which hotel or motel to pick! 

We have partnered with WilsonPro and SureCall to provide you with cell phone signal boosters and WiFi signal boosters that improve signal reception in your hotel or restaurant to a considerable extent. Reliable cell phone reception is critical to the hospitality sector, whether it is about serving restaurant patrons, hosting travellers, or entertaining guests. Smartphones have a very high penetration in today’s world, which is why it is extremely important that your resort, hotel, or restaurant has 100% mobile connectivity. This is a critical part of your customer service. offers custom design and install customized cell phone signal boosters and WiFi signal boosters that make your guests feel right at home! When you offer your valued guests reliable mobile connectivity with all carriers, faster data transfers and enhanced call quality, it gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Solutions for Poor Cell Signal Reception in Hotels and Restaurants.

We sell, design and offer installation of custom kitted cell phone signal boosters for hotels and restaurants manufactured by our partners WilsonPro and SureCall. Similarly, we employ a team of talented Wilson Certified Installers and SureCall Certified Installers who are adept at providing an effective solution to the problem of weak cellular reception in hotels and restaurants.

We have worked with hundreds of hotels and restaurants across USA and Canada. Our work begins with a site survey and a detailed design of customized booster solutions based on your requirements. Upon approval, this is followed by the cell phone signal booster installation or Wi-Fi signal booster installation. We’re fully capable of taking on projects of all types and sizes. 

We have certified cell phone signal booster installers and certified Wi-Fi signal booster installers ready to make sure everything is done within the set quoted budget and deadline. Contact us today for a free consultation. Submit your details for a signal booster installation quote, today.