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How to find the serial number of any cell phone signal booster?

While registration has nothing to do with workability of the booster (it will work regardless of whether it is registered or not), cellular Carriers require that their subscribers register their signal booster.


This helps them to locate the signal booster and contact the subscriber to stop it till it is fixed by its manufacturer under its warranty, in an event the cell phone booster malfunctions causing damage to their wireless network.

All FCC certified cellular amplifiers we sell are certified and have been issued a serial number so they can be registered with respective carrier(s) being used in the household. Yes, the same booster can be registered with multiple carriers whose networks will be used by residential homeowner, owner of the business property, or resident and business rental property office worker or manager.

How and where to find the signal booster serial number?

The serial number is almost always located by the barcode. The bar code is usually near the label on the bottom of the cell phone signal booster. There are also some copies of the barcodes inside the cellular amplifier kit package. You should not need a magnifying glass or reading glasses if you can already read the newspaper without them. An example of a serial number just to help you recognize it is: SC201230-Z0214.

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