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How do lightning surge protectors work to protect cell phone signal booster systems?

Since the donor antenna (or outside building antenna) stands out where lightning can easily strike it, it is very important to purchase a lightning surge protector to protect your cell phone signal amplifier system. The lightning current passes from external antenna through the cable. If you have a surge protector installed, the lightning is discharged before it causes damage to your equipment which can be an expensive investment costing thousands of dollars.

When a lightning strikes exterior antenna, the lightning current passes through the external antenna and down through the cable that is connected to it. If you have a surge protector installed at that point, the lightning is discharged at that point protecting your entire investment that lies downstream from the cable - amplifier, interior antennas, etc. 

They come with an easily replaceable gas discharge element and they cause very low loss so you do not have to worry about them affecting your signal much at all. Therefore, we highly recommend their purchase. They are available for both 75 Ohm systems and 50 Ohm systems. Purchase the one that is compatible with your cell phone antenna amplifier kit. Easy installation instructions are provided.

How do lightning surge protectors work?

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