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How Does the FCC Statement Affect the Cell Phone Booster Industry?

In order to establish a means of quality and safety in the cell phone booster industry, the FCC set forth stipulations and guidelines for cell phone carriers as well as for consumers, manufacturers, distributors of cell phone signal boosters. Its ruling clears all legal barriers, and it is our opinion that the ruling will increase the signal booster market by increasing their widespread use by individuals and businesses.

Furthermore, by having the regulations in place, generic and reconditioned boosters which do not meet industry standards are far less apt to be provided to the market. This increases the quality of boosters to the market making cell phone signal boosters more desirable (as working products tend to boost the market whereas failing and faulty products decrease the market). The FCC ruling will particularly help for larger in-building situations for medium to large businesses.

However, the stricter specifications may increase the price of boosters in the short term. As with any market when there are stipulations and changes to be made to the overall production and methodology in which a product is produced, there will need to be an increase in the cost to offset the new methodology. Yet, as with any industry, this fluctuation will be temporary and increased prices will decline as the technological advances will ensure that the prices will eventually come down as they have now.