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How Many Phones and Data Cards Are Supported Simultaneously by our Cell Phone Signal Booster?

How many cell phones can a cell phone booster handle? Technically, there's no specific number of simultaneous users that will benefit from our cell phone signal booster. The number of phones and data cards which can be supported by our wireless cell phone signal booster depends upon the strength of outside cellular signal. The better an outside signal, the more coverage and users it can support indoors. A rough estimate answer to that question can be "limited" number of users such as up to 4 if signal outside is poor, or it can be "unlimited" if the signal outside the building is strong (but of course weak inside without a signal booster or you wouldn't need one). If anyone says anything different, take it with a grain of salt because it is not possible any other way.

Furthermore, even if the signal is strong and the booster is connected properly, one has to consider the dividing of the Mbps to the devices. According to some of the leading internet and cell phone carriers, the data and the Mbps allotted to multiple devices on a single modem/booster would affect in the same manner as a person who divides up a pie into multiple slices. The more slices which you have, the less each person will receive. In other words, if you have a cell phone signal booster and only 3 devices are tapping into it, the Mbps will be higher than if you had 16 (which is the suggested maximum users on any signal modem).

With our (or any other) wireless booster units, the number of users will vary greatly depending on outside signal. With our direct connection units (only M2M direct connection models now available), only one data card or phone can be supported at any one time.

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