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How many phones can be connected to signal booster at the same time?

Most wireless signal boosters for cellular support multiple simultaneous connections across multiple carriers. Although the number of simultaneous connections supported by a booster has no limit, there is a theoretical limit. This is determined by the strength of the cell signal outside of the building. The stronger the signal outside the building, the more simultaneous connections will be possible.

A second factor that impacts number of cell phones supported by a particular cell phone signal booster is its amplification power. For example, a 72 dB Gain Signal Booster will support more users and devices than a 65 dB Gain Signal Booster because the previous booster kit will amplify available signals more than the latter booster kit.

Therefore, there isn't a specific number of phone users and their devices that can receive signal boost from a particular signal booster kit. If you see specific number or are told a specific number by anyone, it is only a very rough estimate that cannot be corroborated as a stated fact in any signal amplifier's product specification sheet.