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How many sq. ft. area can indoor cell signal booster cover?

The square footage size of indoor coverage area of a cell phone signal booster is determined by two factors:

  1. The cellular booster system's gain as stated in its specifications.
  2. The cell signal strength outside before being boosted inside.

The coverage area provided by any booster varies greatly with the strength of the tower signal received, with a bigger area being covered by a stronger signal.

This is the reason why outside antennas are placed in a location, and pointing in the direction, that allows it to receive the strongest signal.

This is a very simplistic response to the question posted in the title. If you wish to read a more detailed and in-depth article with a video illustration, please read, "how to calculate cell booster coverage area".

If you aren't sure which booster system to use to get the coverage area you need, please contact us, compare cell boosters, or try our easy cell booster selector.