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How to Boost Signal on T-Mobile 4G LTE Band 41 (2500 MHz)?

Unfortunately, due to FCC regulation, no industry signal booster is able to cover the T-Mobile Spark Network at this time. The T-Mobile's Band 41 (2500 MHz) frequencies are mostly outside of the traditional cellular range, and are too close to emergency networks on sections of the band. However, most T-Mobile customer's have cell towers transmitting other T-Mobile frequencies in their proximity so any of our T-Mobile signal boosters will enhance their indoor reception fine.

All of our passive building antennasvehicle antennas, and premium cellular antennas covering T-Mobile LTE 4G Band 26 (lower 800 MHz) and Band 41 (2500 MHz) frequencies will certainly enhance all T-Mobile frequencies and bands signals fine (you would have to buy a cable and connect it to T-mobile hotspot device such as Mi-Fi), but you will not find an actively powered signal amplifier in the market that does it.