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How to measure performance of a cell signal booster after installation

Bars are misleading and are therefore unreliable. They certainly should not be used to gauge performance. Perhaps the only true test to determine a quality signal is whether you can, or cannot, make a viable phone call. Cell phone users can often become fixated on bars and dots, when in reality it is all about the viability.

Therefore, the best way to measure the performance of an installed cell phone signal booster system is to go to an area or location within a structure or building where you previously were not able to make a call, and see what happens. If you're able to complete a clear, lengthy call, you will then understand the value of installing a cell phone signal booster.

It is important to remember that there's a lot more than just signal strength to a viable phone call. You need a clean signal for your phone to communicate with the network, but the only information you get from bars and dots is strength and that too very inaccurate. Instead, check it in decibels which is a unit of measurement of signal strength. Read how to check signal strength level more accurately using the decibel measuring tool that already exists in your Android or iPhone itself.

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