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I Get Great Reception Near Inside Antenna but Not If I Walk Away. Why?

If you're receiving a strong reception near inside antenna but not if you walk away, there could be a number of reasons why this is occurring.

An amplifier’s total coverage is generally based on initial outside signal: The better reception you receive outside the home or building, the further away from the internal antenna you could be. 

You could also dramatically change the signal with alternative placement of outside antenna. Use your phone to conduct this signal test in decibels, and place your outside antenna where you achieve the best reception using signal test in decibels. However, you may need to investigate an additional amplifier setup if outside reception is already very faint.

If antenna is not an issue but you're still not receiving expected indoor reception, please check the connections of the coax cable and the power source. A signal can diminish if the coax cable is (1) not the cable provided (2) improperly connected, and (3) damaged. Remember that the shorter the length of the coax cable the more apt the signal is to remain strong. Signal deteriorates as it has to travel longer distances through a coaxial cable.

Check the phone to see if there's a network or a framework update. Sometimes, depending on the type of phone and the carrier, the updates may affect the efficiency of the phone to receive a boost (or any signal for that matter). Being close to an interior antenna may produce great reception due to the proximity (sort of like a supercharge), yet diminish when not right next to the signal because update has not been set. Update the phone, reset it, and check the signal. 

Keep in mind that internal antennas have a range which covers a specified square footage. If your building exceeds the personal antenna’s square footage coverage, the signal will diminish and perhaps be lost as you get away from the signal. If your house or building is more than 10k square footage, it is advised that you use a commercial grade product or multiple personal boosters to cover the space you need. Most of the time the coverage can be divided with Surecall’s CM-WS-2 or SC-WS-2 two-way splitter, which divides the coverage using two dome interior antennas instead of one.