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I have Just Purchased a New Cell Phone Booster: How Do I Register It?

Cell phone signal boosters must be registered with the service provider from which the signal is being amplified. As there’re differences between the companies and the providers, it is strongly recommended that you look at the page on registering your cell phone with your service provider page. This page provides an in-depth detail on how to register your new cellphone signal booster with your mobile carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile or any of other major carriers which are supported.

Please do not assume that since the cell phone signal repeater is new and manufactured after the FCC regulations regarding the registry of cellphone devices that the manufacturer has done so for you. Also, ensure that the booster you’re using is approved by the service provider - All of ours are because they are certified by FCC and therefore have blanket approval and ready for registration. There may be some rare local restrictions regarding use, so please check with the building engineer just to be sure. After you have looked at our "registering your cell phone booster page", and you did do not know where to go for its registration, it is advised that you contact and check with your local cellular service provider for more details.