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If I have No Cell Service at all, will a Signal Booster help?

An answer to this depends on the cellular service readings you are able to achieve outside the house or building property. If you can achieve a cell phone signal between -50 dB and -103 dB outside of the building where an antenna can be placed, a cell phone signal booster should effectively improve your cell phone signal inside the building. However, if the best signal you can receive outside the building is between -104 dB and -150 dB, and you don't have a clear line of sight to a nearby cellular tower within a 20-mile radius for our directional antenna to grab signal, a cell phone signal booster will not improve the situation, regardless of the type or manufacturer of the booster. Find out how to measure the signal strength in decibels on your cell phone.

What distance from a cell tower will a cell phone booster work?

This is a very vague question because it depends on obstructions that exist between your cellphone, and the nearest cell phone tower. A more precise way to check is to try making a call from several points outside, and around your house. If you can make a call, or there's a cellular tower within atleast twenty miles, most likely a signal booster will be able to help.