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In-Building Wireless Coverage Solutions is a proven leader in in-building coverage solutions. It is not something we do - It is what we do. We specialize in both commercial and public safety in-building wireless system solutions nationwide, across United States.

No Longer Is In-Building Coverage Considered a Luxury.

It is essential that first responders have access to strong and reliable in-building radio communication in event of an emergency. This makes in-building communications coverage an absolute necessity for everyone concerned.

When wireless radio frequency signals attempt to pass through building materials in order to enter a building, they are often hindered by the products used to construct the building. Such interference causes loss of signal strength and affects reliability of signals. An extent that can adversely affect communication can reach the point of completely eliminating the signal. Unfortunately, the better the quality of building materials, the worse it is for indoor signals.

Our Public Safety DAS solutions can fix the problem for good.

Keeping Tenants and First Responders Safe.

Today, anyone that owns or manages any type of building structure has a moral obligation to ensure that both tenants and first responders are safe. Should an emergency occur, first responders need access to clear, interference-free, and reliable radio communications.

Building owners in cities and towns across USA including Miami and Boston are now legally required to make sure that first responders entering all building structures have easy access to RF radio communications that are strong, reliable, and free from interference. This means that it is not only indoor cellular coverage you need to be concerned about; you must also make sure you take care of Public Safety bands frequency coverage.

As a building owner or manager, it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of both local and state requirements to ensure that your building is in full compliance with legal requirements. If you're not sure of these requirements, we are here to help you!

BDA System Design & Installation. specializes in Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system designs and installations. We can be your approved dealer of choice for TX RX Systems for leading BDA and DAS manufacturers like Comba, SureCall, Bird Technologies.

  • TX/RX Signal Boosters.
  • BDA – Bi-Directional Amplifiers.
  • DAS - Distributed Antenna Systems.
  • Coverage for Emergency Responders.
  • Site Survey and Layout, CAD Design Services.

Turnkey Service.

  • Radio frequency testing and analysis of signal strength.
  • Review of Code to ensure requirements of Jurisdiction or State are being met.
  • Recommendations for radio frequency design and coverage.
  • Installation of DAS, and optimization for quality performance.
  • Compliance checking and acceptance.
  • We offer maintenance contracts for repairs and ongoing support, as required.

Not Sure of Your Compliance Requirements?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are not sure of your town or city's Building Code requirements for BDA systems. Our highly experienced RF engineers will carry out a site survey to determine if current Building Codes in your area are being met, and what should be done to make sure you are in full compliance.

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