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In What outside Temperature Ranges to Your Signal Boosters Work?

The cellphone booster pretty much works in any temperature. Our cell phone signal boosters have a durable metal casing with an efficient interior design. They are designed to work outside in temperature ranges of -4 Fahrenheit to +150 Fahrenheit, or between -20 Celsius and +70 Celsius. As anything outside of this range would be extreme temperatures, you can rest assured that most ranges will not affect the functionality of the device. 

However, in order to keep the device working at optimal performance, it is advised that any ice accumulation and any direct contact which the device may have with heat conducting materials be removed in order to regulate the temperature of the external casing. While the casing can withstand very high and low temperature, metals and conductors of heat can increase or decrease the temperature of the external casing to that beyond the threshold. Please check area around installation area to ensure best use.