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Industrial Building Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Signal Booster Installer

Industrial cell phone signal booster

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Installing or need cellular & Wi-Fi signal booster installed in your industrial building?

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We have installed industrial cell phone signal booster kits and wifi extenders in large industrial buildings and manufacturing plants. Improve productivity by enabling mobile talk and machine to machine devices to work without freezing (M2M or IoT data devices) and dropping calls (voice communication devices). Per laws and regulations, industrial cell phone signal booster kits and wifi extenders are heavy duty devices and must be installed by certified installers. They require expert design and deployment to safely extend coverage within large industrial spaces and building structures.

Large industrial buildings and manufacturing plants can benefit enormously from installing an industrial cell phone signal booster setup. With many people using wireless technology, it is important to have a strong signal throughout your buildings. Not only does this enhance communication and productivity, but it also increases the safety of workers, as well as increasing the security of your communications. Whether an industrial manufacturing facility, such as a factory, or a commercial industry facility, such as an airport, hospital, or educational campus, provides businesses across United States with an efficient, smart, and effective setup.

Solutions for Industrial Buildings.

Keep your workforce and visitors to your facility online and connected with cost-effective, powerful Wi-Fi industrial cell phone signal boosters from All our installations meet the latest FCC requirements.

Our experienced staff are trained to the latest industry standards and can tackle even the most challenging building layouts with solutions that work:

  • Wilson-certified installers.
  • SureCall-certified installers.
  • Across United States and Canada.

The Streamlined Installation Process.

Before installation, our team conducts a site survey of your building(s) to determine the best possible configuration. Following this, a customized installation plan including specifications for design, equipment, and installation cost will be provided with your quote.

After approval, the installation is scheduled and completed within an agreed timeframe. Our trained engineers will work closely with partners from Wilson, SureCall, and/or other equipment manufacturers to ensure a superior installation with reliable results, tailored to the needs of your building, employees, and guests.

Say "Goodbye" to Spotty Coverage, Silent Zones, and Garbled Calls.

While surveys show that around 75% of all cell phone calls are made inside - a statistic that includes those working in heavy industry building. However, poor cell phone coverage and the materials used in these buildings can lead to poor quality coverage and the frustration that ensues with dropped phone calls and the dreaded dead zones.

Factors such as building materials, heavy-duty equipment, the distance of your nearest cell tower, or even local geographic features, can block cellular signals reaching into all areas of your building.

The resulting loss in data and connectivity isn't just a cause of frustration, however: it can also affect the efficiency of your workforce while agitating guests who expect better cellular reception.

Unable to get a good signal at their desk or workstation, many may be forced to move around to pick up a better signal with some even going outside - which can lead to decreased productivity from employees.

Industrial Solutions for Building Cell Phone Signal Boosters.

Ultimately, it is up to the business running a facility to resolve its connectivity issues. Today, few expect to have to deal with spotty and unreliable cell signal reception. Businesses can enhance not just productivity, but also morale with good connectivity solutions. makes resolving your cell phone signal issues a streamlined and affordable process. Our experienced staff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to create powerful, customized solutions that run throughout your entire facility.

No matter what building materials are in the way, we have equipment that can bypass even high-density barriers such as marble, concrete, metal and energy-efficient coated glass.

Enjoy Superior Industrial Cell Phone Signal Booster Connectivity.

Our cell phone signal booster systems work by catching the signal outside of your facility, amplifying this signal, and finally broadcasting the same signal across your interior building network. If there's no outside signal, we have other tools under our belts which include hydrid signal enhancing solutions and active distributed antenna systems (active DAS).

Amplification of the signal makes it stronger, while the internal network distribution ensures a clear connection with no dead zones, static noise, or unreliable connectivity: just beautifully sharp connectivity.

All installations are carried out by fully-trained and certified professionals with longstanding experience in tackling the problems that industrial buildings present when installing a network - leaving your building with powerful Wi-Fi and cell phone connectivity.

Solutions for Bad Cell Phone Signal Reception in Industrial Buildings. sells, designs, and installs in-building wifi and building cell phone signal booster installations for a wide range of industrial buildings, including manufacturing facilities, office buildings, tunnels, and stadiums among others.

We use leading brands such as WilsonPro and SureCell and will advise of the optimum setup for your facility following an initial inspection and survey from our Wilson- and SureCell-certified professionals.

Our expertise in industrial cell phone signal boosting installation has made us a leading choice across United States and Canada. We're equipped to take on projects of any scope - from a quick fix job all the way through to a major installation across numerous buildings.

Our work is done within a fixed budget and schedule to ensure that everything is carried out to the requirement and specifications - both for your business and for regulatory compliance with institutions like the FCC. In short: we create solutions where everything goes to plan.

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