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Install Public Safety Signal Booster - Installer's Installation Manual

SureCall Guardian 3 QR Public Safety Booster Installation Boosts Radio Signals of First Responder Radios. First responders have to be able to use their two-way radios when they are inside of a building so they can communicate effectively. A lot of times, building construction and distance from public safety radio tower can impede that signal from penetrating the building. This public safety booster allows them to communicate over their public safety radios when inside the building by increasing the signal indoors. It meets all NFPA 72 standards. It comes with the required NEMA 4 enclosure. It has a Class B booster boosting wide-band 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz specialized mobile radio (SMR) service frequencies. It also features a remote monitoring system, dry contacts, and outdoor antenna failure alarm to ensure constant contact and reliability. provides wall to wall coverage of public safety band frequencies within buildings by installing this signal boosting system. Our certified installers ensure that it is installed professionally and meet all local, state, and federal requirements. We make sure it receives approval and certification as required by local fire marshal of the local fire department in respective city within United States.

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