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Kyocera Smart Phone Signal Boosters for Homes/ Offices & Vehicles.

Scroll down for 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G Kyocera smart phone signal boosters. Kyocera signal booster kits made by SureCall and weBoost improve coverage in homes, offices and vehicles where dropped cell phone calls and slow cellular Internet may cause inconvenience. Founded as a ceramic company, the company changed its focus to electronics and is known as the brand it is today. The Kazuo company (for which is was originally named) is located in the town in which the company was based. Kyocera has offices in Japan and San Diego. The electronic department of the company is branched into several sub-brands including au, wilcom, Softbank, and Y!mobile. Due to vehicle and building construction materials plus distance from cell towers and other factors in some areas of USA, users may find that their 3G, 4G, and LTE signal strength is terrible at times - especially indoors and in cars or trucks.

How to increase network signal strength of Kyocera phone? Many knowlegeable people take advantage of cell phone boosters to help maximize the functionality of their Kyocera phone's signal strength. To find out more about the cellphone and mobile cell phone boosters for Kyocera, please see the options below. Consider using in-home/ office/ apartment/ condo or in-vehicle car/ truck/ suv/ rv Kyocera phone signal boosters listed below for the best results. Commercial grade building cell phone signal booster kits that require professional installation by our certified installers also available for buildings that require better cell coverage for more than 10k square feet.


  • Smartphone boosters listed below work with all Kyocera phones and respective carrier networks (T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon, etc).
  • Installation is fairly easy and improved mobile phone signal boosts internet speeds and ends dropped calls.
  • After installation, cell signal boosters for Kyocera phones enhance wireless signals in cars, boats, homes and businesses.

Learn more about cell phone signal boosters at FCC website to see how they benefit consumers and commercial establishments.

Scroll down to browse & buy home/ office/ building or vehicle signal boosters for Kyocera phones, or call for FREE consultation:


If you need installation help by certified installers at your large building or business space, please submit quote-request for installation service.

Free trial - 60 days money-back guarantee! As long as there's some mobile signal outside the home/building or car/truck, you will definitely experience remarkable cell coverage improvement indoors and in vehicles using your Kyocera phone or tablet. Works with all Kyocera phones and tablets including the following:

DuraXT DuraXV E1000 E1100 E2000 E2500 E3500 E4000
E4600 E5000 Echo Energi G2GO M2000 Hydro Hydro Edge Hydro Elite
Hydro XTRM Jet K112 K122 K126 K127 K132 K312
K320 K322 K323 K325 K342 K352 K404 K4130
K433L K454 K454L K480 K484LC K490 K493 K493LC
K612 K7 Rave K822 K9 Rave KE413 KE413C KE424 KE433
KE433C Koi Kona S2150 KPC680 KX1 KX12 KX13 KX16
KX160 KX17 KX18 KX2 KX21 KX414 KX424 KX433
KX434 KX440 KX444 KX5 KX5b KX7 KX9a KX9b
KX9c KX9d KX9e Laylo M1400 Lingo Loft S2300 M1000 Mako
Marbl Melo S1300 Milan Milano Neo Opal S14 Oystr Phantom
Phantom 413, 413c Phantom 414, 414c Presto Prisma Rave Rave 433, 433c Rave 434, 434c Rio E3100
Rise S1600 S2100 S2400 S4000 Slider Slider Remix Slider SE44
Slider SE47 Slider Sonic Slider V5 SoHo Solo Streak S2410 Strobe Tap E3100
Tempo TNT S2400 Tomo S2410 Topaz Torino S2300 Torque TorqueXT Wild Card
Wild Card SE Xcursion X-tc M2000 Zio M6000 Adreno S2400 Aktiv K480 Brigadier Brio
Cadence Candid KX16 Coast Cyclops K325 Deco E1000 Domino S1310 Dorado KX13 DuraCore
DuraForce DuraForce Pro DuraForce XD DuraMax DuraPlus DuraTR DuraXE DuraXT
DuraXTP DuraXV DuraXV LTE Echo Energi K490 Event Hydro Plus Hydro Edge
Hydro Elite Hydro Life Hydro Reach Hydro Vibe Hydro View HydroWave Hydro XTRM (CDMA) Hydro XTRM (GSM)
Jet K322 K342 K404 K9 KE413 KE424c KE433
Koi KX2 KX12 KX414 (Phantom) KX433 KX440 KX9A Laylo M1400 Loft
Mako S4000 Marbl Melo S1300 Milan KX9B Milano Neo E1100 Oystr KX9d Presto S1350
QCP-2035 QCP-3035 QCP-6035 Rally Rio E3100 Rise S1000 S14 Opal
S2100 Luno SE47 Slider Remix KX5 SoHo KX1 Strobe K612 Tempo E2000 Tomo S2410 Torque
Verve Wild Card Xcursion KX160 X-tc M2000