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LG Smart Phone Signal Boosters for Homes/ Offices & Vehicles.

Scroll down for 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G LG cell phone signal boosters. LG signal booster kits made by SureCall and weBoost improve coverage for smart-phones and mobile-connected tablet computers in homes, offices and vehicles where dropped cell phone calls and slow cellular Internet may cause inconvenience. LG is a South Korean brand, though it has subsidiary companies in United States. LG initially stood for "Lucky Goldstar" but the company changed it to, "Life's Good" after a few years in the USA market. According to the LG website, the phones produced are for futuristic and sensible use. LG is a budget conscious brand, leading some to believe that the brand is a bit less reliable than some of the larger competitors on the market. However, that is not the case.

Vehicle or building materials are mostly to blame for poor signal indoors and outdoors in vehicles. Therefore, while LG appliances and electronics have pushed the boundaries of the energy, technology, and innovation, cell phone and computer owners may need a little extra help in signal reception. How to increase network signal strength of LG phone? Using a cellphone or mobile signal booster may help to maximize the potential of your device. Consider using in-home/ office/ apartment/ condo or in-vehicle car/ truck/ suv/ rv LG phone signal boosters listed below for the best results. Commercial grade building cell phone signal booster kits that require professional installation by our certified installers also available for buildings that require better cell coverage for roughly more than 10,000 sq. ft.


  • Cell signal boosters listed below work with all LG phones and LG tablets on all networks (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc).
  • Installation is fairly easy and improved mobile phone signal boosts internet speeds and ends dropped calls.
  • After installation, cell signal boosters for LG phones enhance wireless signals in cars, boats, homes and businesses.

Learn more about cell phone signal boosters at FCC website to see how they benefit consumers and commercial establishments.

Scroll down to browse & buy home/ office/ building or vehicle signal boosters for LG phones, or call for FREE consultation:


If you need installation help by certified installers at your large building or business space, please submit quote-request for installation service.

Free trial - 60 days money-back guarantee! As long as there's some mobile signal outside the home/building or car/truck, you will definitely experience remarkable cell coverage improvement indoors and in vehicles using your LG phone or tablet. Works with all LG phones and tablets including the following:

Q7+ 1010 5450 6190 420g 4NE1
600g 900G A340 A340 A380 A7110
Accolade VX-5600 Ally AN200 Apex US740 Arena Aristo
Aristo 2 Plus Aspire Attune AX-145 AX-155 AX260
AX-275 AX-300 AX-355 AX-390 / UX-390 AX-4270 / VX-4270 AX-490
AX-5000 / UX-5000 AX585 Axis AS740 Beacon Bliss UX-700 C1300
C1500 C2000 C395 Xpression CE110 CE500 CF360
CG180 CG225 CG300 Chocolate 3 VX-8560 Chocolate Touch Clout
Connect 4G Connect 4G Connect 4G MS840 Cosmos Cosmos 2 Cosmos 2
Cosmos Touch Cosmos Touch 2 VN271 Cosmos Touch VN270 CP150 CU320 CU400
CU500 CU515 Dare VX-9700 Decoy VX-8610 dLite DoublePlay
Doubleplay Eclypse Enact Enact Encore Enlighten
Enlighten VS700 enV Touch VX-11000 enV VX-9900 enV2 enV2 (VX-9100) enV3 VX-9200
Envoy Envoy Envoy 2 Envoy II Escape Escape 2
Escape 2 Escape P870 Esteem Esteem Exalt Exalt II
Exalt LTE Exalt VN360 Exchange AN270 eXpo GW820 Extravert Extravert
Extravert 2 F7200 F9100 F9200 Fathom Fortune 2
Freedom UN272 Fusic G Flex G Flex (Sprint) G Flex (U.S. GSM) G Flex 2
G Flex2 (CDMA) G Flex2 (GSM) G Pad 8.3 G Pad F 8.0 G Pad X 8.3 G Pro 2 Lite
G Stylo G Stylo (CDMA) G Stylo (GSM) G Vista (CDMA) G Vista (GSM) G Vista 2
G Vista VS880 G2 (GSM) G2 (Sprint) G2 (Verizon) G2 AT&T G2 Sprint
G2 T-Mobile G2 Verizon G2x G3 G3 (CDMA) G3 (GSM)
G3 Vigor G3 Vigor (CDMA) G3 Vigor (GSM) G4 (CDMA) G4 (GSM) G4010
G4020 G4050 G5 G6 G7 ThinQ Genesis
Genesis Glance (VX-7100) Glimmer GS170 G-Slate GU292
GX300 Helix UX-310 Hero Ignite AS855 Incite CT810 Intuition
Intuition VS950 Invision K10 (2016) K20 K20 V K3
K30 K4 K7 K8 (2016) K8 (2017) K8 (2018)
K8 V L1150 L1200 L1400 Lancet Lancet
Leon (LTE) LG357 Logos Lotus Lotus Elite Lucid
Lucid 2 Lucid 2 VS870 Lucid 3 Lucid 3 Lucid VS840 LX1200
LX-150 LX-160 LX-290 LX-350 LX-370 LX-400
LX5350 LX-5550 Mach Mach LS860 Majestic US855 Marquee
Marquee LS855 Maxx Maxx Q Migo VX-1000 MM-535 MN180 Select
Motion 4G MT375 Muziq myTouch myTouch myTouch Q
myTouch Q Neon GT365 Neon II Nexus 4 Nexus 5 Nexus 5X
Nexus 5x Nitro HD Nitro HD P930 Octane Octane VN530 Optimus 2 AS680
Optimus 2X Optimus 3D Optimus 7 Optimus Black Optimus C Optimus Chic
Optimus Elite Optimus Elite LS696 Optimus Exceed 2 Optimus Exceed 2 Optimus F3 Optimus F3 (CDMA)
Optimus F3 (GSM) Optimus F3Q Optimus F6 Optimus F6 Optimus F60 Optimus F7
Optimus F7 Optimus G (AT&T) Optimus G (CDMA) Optimus G E970 Optimus G LS970 Optimus G Pro
Optimus G Pro Optimus Hub Optimus L70 Optimus L70 Optimus L9 Optimus L9
Optimus L90 Optimus L90 Optimus LTE Optimus M Optimus M+ MS695 Optimus Net
Optimus One P500 Optimus Pad Optimus Plus AS695 Optimus Regard LW770 Optimus S Optimus Slider
Optimus Sol Optimus T Optimus T Optimus U Optimus V Optimus Zone
Optimus Zone Optimus Zone 2 Phoenix Phoenix 2 Phoenix 3 Phoenix Plus
PM-225 PM-325 Prada 3.0 Premier Pro LTE Prime GS390 Q6
Quantum Quantum Remarq Renoir KC910 Revere Revere 2
Revere 3 Revolution Revolution Revolution 2 VS920 Rhythm AX-585 Rumor
Rumor Reflex LN272 Rumor Reflex S Rumor Reflex S LN272S Rumor Touch Rumor Touch Rumor2
Saber Select Select AS730 Sentio GS505 Shannon Shine CU720
Shine II Spectrum Spectrum Spectrum 2 Spectrum 2 VS930 Spirit
Spirit 4G Splendor Splendor US730 Spree Stylo 2 Stylo 2 Plus
Stylo 2 V Stylo 3 (CDMA) Stylo 3 (GSM) Stylo 3 Plus Stylo 4 Swift AX-500
Terra Thrill 4G Thrill 4G Thrive TM-220 TM-510
TP 1100 TP 5200 TP 5250 Transpyre Trax Trax CU575
Tribute Tribute 2 Tribute 5 Tribute HD Tritan AX-840 True
UN270 UX-220 UX830 V VX-9800 V10 V10 (CDMA)
V10 (GSM) V20 V30 V35 ThinQ Vantage Venice LG730
Venus VX-8800 Versa VX-9600 VI-125 VI5225 Viper Viper LS840
VM-101 VM670 VN251 Volt Volt 2 Volt 2
Vortex Vortex VS660 Voyager VX-10000 Vu Vu Plus VX-1
VX-10 VX-2000 VX-3100 VX-3200 VX-3300 VX-3400 / 3450 / UX-210
VX-4100 VX-4400 VX-4500 VX-4600 VX-4700 VX-5200
VX-5300 / UX-245 / AX-245 VX-5400 VX-5500 VX-6000 VX-6100 VX-7000
VX-8000 VX-8100 VX-8300 VX-8350 VX-8360 VX-8500 Chocolate
VX-8550 Chocolate VX-8600 VX-8700 VX-9000 VX-9400 Wave AX-380
Wine II Wine UX-280 X Charge X power (CDMA) X power (GSM) X venture
Xenon GR500 Xpression