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List of FCC Certified Cell Phone Booster Manufacturers / Brands

The following is the list of all cell phone signal booster manufacturers that offer FCC certified cellular amplifier kits for homes, buildings, and cars. product selection tool offers each brand's best value kit at the lowest price. Professional installation service, also available.

  1. SureCall
  2. Wilson Electronics
  3. WilsonPro
  4. weBoost
  5. zBoost
  6. HiBoost
  7. Nextivity
  8. Cel-Fi
  9. SmoothTalker
  10. SolidRF

List of FCC Certified Cell Phone Signal Booster Manufacturers

The role of the signal booster is to improve cell phone signal coverage in places that otherwise would not receive a good signal. In this way, people can access cell phone signals and use their phones in areas where they might otherwise have struggled. Some of the most common places for cell phone signal boosters to be used is inside cars and private homes, particularly in areas where cell phone users normally would receive no signal or a weak, unreliable cell phone signal.

When properly installed, cell phone signal boosters provide benefits to wireless service providers, cell phone users, first responders, and other public safety officials alike. This is because cell phone coverage can be extended to notoriously weak signal areas including rural areas, inside buildings, subways, and tunnels.

Unfortunately, a cell phone signal booster that has been improperly installed, poorly designed, or one that is malfunctioning can cause serious problems. A malfunctioning signal booster can cause major interference with wireless networks and, in a worst-case scenario, could even interfere with 911 and other emergency calls. For this reason, it is vitally important to only use cell phone signal boosters that have been certified by the FCC.