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Measures Signal Booster Installers Take To Keep Customers Safe

Safety precautions installers have been instructed to take: cares about your and technicians safety. Here're few of the measures all installers have been instructed to follow:

    1. The technician will not attempt to shake hands with customer. He / she would wear shoe covers (booties) & gloves, maintain social distancing by keeping six feet physical distance from others, use sanitizing wipes to wipe all surfaces touched during visit.
    2. Follow new sign-off process for safety reasons. Signing off is required after installer demonstrates before and after signal strength readings to prove improvement for complete satisfaction. The new sign-off process implemented for safety reasons means customers can simply state a 4 digit code as their "official sign off". This is referred to, as client's "hands free signature".

We're closely monitoring and complying with local ordinances. As such, technicians in areas that are mandated to wear other protection such as a face mask, will be wearing it.

Additionally, face masks have been made available to all technicians in other areas so you may see technicians wearing them during your visit, which is a measure designed to protect you, and your family.

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