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Per FCC Statement on Boosters, will Consumers Have to Remove Them?

Has a cell provider asked you to remove, or shut down/ turn off your cell phone signal booster?

We understand that, at this point in time, the FCC will not pursue enforcement against prospective or current non-certified signal booster users unless an instance of unresolved interference is involved. However, if the FCC or a wireless licensee asks you to turn your signal booster off (even if it is certified by FCC) because it is causing interference to a wireless network, then you're required to turn your boost off and leave it off until the interference problem has been resolved.

Signal boosters with additional safeguards that minimize interference to wireless networks and comply with new rules are certified and available for sale. It is the FCC’s intention to work in collaboration with signal booster manufacturers to allow new certified boosters to come onto the market.

While certified boosters are extremely less likely to cause interference, they too can rarely cause interference. FCC certification is no guarantee that they will not cause interference due to the fact that electronic equipment can and do fail in rare instances.

However, older non-certified signal amplifiers are most likely to cause interference because they were not designed to automatically reduce power if oscillation or excessive signal is detected. Either way, it is explicitly stated at point of sale that any cellular amplifier must be turned off if requested by respective mobile service provider to prevent damage to its wireless network.

Consumers are initially asked to register their signal booster with their wireless providers for the sole purpose that the carrier can contact them to shut it down or turn it off if it is deemed to be causing interference with respective carrier's network (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint). Provider’s registration systems must be active per FCC regulations since March 1, 2014. This information can be used by consumers when contacting their service providers as well to help them locate their respective online booster registration portal.