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Public Safety i-Band, Wi-Fi & Cell Signal Booster Installion for Police Stations, Court Houses, Buildings

Public Safety cell phone signal booster

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Why install an i-Band, Wi-Fi and cellular signal booster in your public safety facility or building? With strong RF connectivity resulting in ability to communicate properly, police officers and first responders can confidently accomplish and complete their mission critical tasks. is the leader in signal booster industry and has provided and installed the most powerful Public Safety Signal Booster with whopping 80 dB Gain operating on 700 (FirstNet Ready), 800, and 900 MHz SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio Service) bands. Our single manually Gain adjustable bi-directional amplifier boosts RF signals on public safety bands to areas up to 80,000 sq. ft.

Furthermore, we have SureCall certified installers ready to install one or more public safety boosters (PSB) as needed to ensure total coverage within government buildings and other public safety structures and facilities in addition to commercial and residential buildings. UHF, VHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz are the frequencies that public safety bands require depending upon local police, fire department, and various municipality jurisdictions. In addition to PSD, our expertise extends to Wi-Fi and cell phone signal booster installation services in police stations, court houses, and other public safety buildings and structures to successfully resolve the lack of strong iBand, WiFi, and cellular reception throughout their properties and facilities.

Have you had such a signal amplifier system installed at your premises? If your visitors and public servants or federal/state employees experience wireless reception issues on your city property, you will not find a more experienced installer of signal boosters. We have had signal boosters installed at public safety facilities to help them make the most of their mobile telephone plus wireless broadband Internet services. has successfully provided i-Band, Wi-Fi & cell phone signal booster installation services in buildings for public safety first responders.

Signal attenuation due to interference by building structures, etc. can cause serious harm when, for example, firefighters within your building cannot communicate with their team providing support from outside. Ensure connectivity in your building meeting NFPA requirements for first responders, and ensure that security personnel's two-way radios function properly so they can communicate to co-ordinate their efforts in protecting your life and/or property. 

Public Safety Solutions.

Making sure that public safety officers and first responders are reliably connected in critical situations is very important for the safety of the general population. We work closely with our partners WilsonPro and SureCall to provide comprehensive public safety solutions across USA and Canada. Our solutions facilitate public safety personnel communications on 700/ 800/ 900 MHz bands within government and commercial buildings meeting all public service radio coverage requirements.

Safety Always Comes First.

In most critical situations, time is of essence. Flawless cellular networks are vitally important for emergency responders on rescue missions when both receiving and sending calls from their control rooms and dispatch centers. Without reliable cell signal, transmissions can be fuzzy or unclear, and even worse, phone calls can drop at crucial times, thus causing delays in providing potentially life-saving services.

Strong Cellular Connections Improve Public Safety.

An only way that public safety officers and emergency medical teams are able to communicate with one another, as well as victims who find themselves in dangerous situations, is when they have reliable, uninterrupted access to a cellular network. Strong cellular signals promote safer operations and improve response times. They are vitally important for assuring private and secure communications for criminal investigations, sensitive data, and witness protection services.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters: How Do They Promote Public Safety?

It is the responsibility of law officers, public safety officials and first responders to keep the public safe. However, without reliable cell connectivity it is almost impossible for them to communicate and effectively fulfill their duties. 

A cellphone signal booster has been designed specifically to improve mobile network access in emergency vehicles, courthouses, and police stations, thus promoting secure and reliable communications and faster reaction times. Achieve safer operations and improved public service with a cellular signal booster.

Solutions for Public Safety in the USA and Canada.

We have partnered with WilsonPro and SureCall to provide public safety solutions. We not only sell and design customized cell phone signal boosters and WiFi signal boosters made by WilsonPro and SureCall for public safety officials and first responders, we also have Wilson Certified Installers and SureCall Certified Installers ready to tackle the most complex installations. 

Our technicians work closely with public safety departments across the country to ensure maximum cellular connectivity even in a critical situation, such as when a thunderstorm or a hurricane strikes a place. 

No project is too small nor too big for our certified cell phone signal booster installers and certified Wi-Fi signal booster installers. We’re fully aware of our responsibilities and are ready and willing to take on any challenge.

We perform a site survey and then design customized cell phone signal booster and/or Wi-Fi signal booster solutions based on the requirements of public safety officials. We make sure that our work is completed within the set schedule and according to the pre-determined agreed-upon budget. Contact us today for a free consultation. Submit your details for a signal booster installation quote, today.