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Public Safety Wireless Network Coverage Testing Service

Public Safety Grid Test Company

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Public Safety Grid Testing & Reporting is a company that helps achieve maximum indoor coverage after performing an ERRC test. We provide signal enhancing products and related services that include Public Safety RF Grid Testing and Coverage Grid Reporting. ERRS booster system testing and preventative maintenance service should be very important to building owners and managers. Our public safety mission of ERRC testing is to provide accurate data to verify public safety bands coverage inside buildings for safety of all first responders from the Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) from Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In order to improve wireless communications inside buildings, our aim is to assist property owners with accurate RF Grid Testing and Compliance Reports to ensure that their buildings are in compliance, and their occupants / visitors are protected. Please submit form below for requesting our Public Safety Wireless Network Coverage Testing Service.

Remember, we offer the Best Value Testing Service That Your Company Deserves:

  1. Competitively priced.
  2. Experienced nationwide technicians.
  3. Only best quality equipment used.
  4. Certified, licensed, and bonded technicians.
  5. Swift testing service with no disruption to your business processes.
  6. No public safety coverage grid report service project too big for us.
  7. Capable of providing accurate and detailed reports and correcting limitations.*

*Examples include:

    • Commercial and Industrial cellular signal booster systems designed & installed.
    • Enterprise Small Cells systems designed and installed.
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) designed and installed.
    • Public Safety DAS Systems (PSDAS) designed and installed.
    • Public Safety Signal Boosters for all public safety band frequencies including FirstNet, the new Public Safety Radio Amplification System for emergency responder radio coverage in buildings.

We look forward to getting your building tested and certified. Guaranteed.

We provide testing and documentation for the initial evaluation of RF signal levels in both existing and new buildings. Depending on the Authority Having Jurisdiction, this testing is carried out on an annual basis, or as specified by the AHJ. Additional annual testing is required when a DAS or alternative enhancement system has been installed by a building owner. The direction for testing will be provided by the AHJ, who will also approve the documentation submitted by a building owner - as per Section 510 CA Fire Code/Building code and NFPA 72. Following an RF grid test performed by, a comprehensive, accurate, and easy to understand RF report will be issued. provides first responder Grid Testing and Grid Reporting to assist property owners with their indoor coverage needs, ensuring that occupants and buildings are always protected. To this end, our Public Safety mission at is to provide safety and protection for all first responders, such as the Fire Department, EMT, and Police Department, by providing accurate data to be used for the improvement and maintenance of Public Safety Communications.

This public safety grid test reporting compliance verification is for all public safety bands including FirstNet. However, we also test RF signals for Verizon and other wireless carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint to determine their networks's existing signal strength grid-wise, in any building.

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If you're looking for comprehensive Grid Testing, Grid Reporting, Grid Test and Data Collection that is accurate and easy to understand, then look no further than We also have experience with RF design, BDAs, DAS, and in-building emergency responder communication enhancement systems (ERCES). We have experience installing as well as designing ERCES (emergency radio communication enhancement systems). Please complete the form above and we will respond promptly to provide details and answer all the questions you may have regarding RF coverage verification. Thank you.