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Puppy Wireless Phone Signal Boosters.

Scroll down to choose Puppy Wireless phone signal boosters for ALL 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G phones. Puppy Wireless was launched in 2014 by Kitty Wireless to offer 3G, 4G and LTE network services. The MVNO is powered by Verizon and Sprint. Puppy Wireless offers wireless phone plans without the need of credit check nor contract. It offers wireless phone deals without throttling data. It offers 3G to 4G LTE devices, and encourages bring your own device services (BYOD service) and international long distance plans.

The Puppy Wireless phone signal network is strong and highly reliable. It is run by the best wireless phone signal networks in the country. However, other hindrances such as distance from Puppy Wireless phone signal towers, landscape/ terrain and building materials do affect wireless phone signal. The following wireless phone signal boosters can help deal with wireless reception issues.


  • Every wireless phone signal booster listed below works with ALL Puppy Wireless phones and its wireless phone network.
  • Enhanced Puppy Wireless phone reception ends dropped calls and low data speeds problems.
  • Puppy Wireless phone signal booster installation ends wireless phone signal problems in cars, homes and businesses immediately.

Read how wireless phone signal boosters nationally transform the wireless infrastructure of the nation as indicated by FCC to the advantage of consumers and businesses.

Scroll down to browse & buy home/ office/ building or vehicle signal boosters for Puppy Wireless phones, or call for FREE consultation:


Need help installing wireless phone signal boosting equipment? Submit quote-request for wireless phone signal booster installation service.

Free trial - 60 days money-back guarantee! As long as there's some wireless phone signal outside the home/building or vehicle, you will definitely experience remarkable wireless phone coverage expansion inside.