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Samsung Smart Phone Signal Boosters for Homes/ Offices & Vehicles.

Scroll down for 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G Samsung smart phone signal boosters. Samsung signal booster kits made by SureCall and weBoost improve mobile coverage for Samsung Galaxy S and Note series phones & tablet computers in homes, offices and vehicles where dropped cell phone calls and slow cellular Internet may cause inconvenience. Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 are the latest and the most popular thus far in respective Samsung series cell phones. Founded by Lee Kun-hee in 1938, Samsung has grown to be one of the largest electronic companies in the world. Primarily based in the US and in South Korea.

Apart from the computers, laptops, and televisions, Samsung has made an aggressive presence within the smartphone sector. Most major networks carry this brand of phone with Samsung Galaxy being most popular. Although the phones are built upon the latest technology and continue to gain new features, one may find that the network connection is less than ideal due to service provider coverage issues. How to increase network signal strength of Samsung phone? To maximize the cellphone or the wifi strength, a cellphone signal or wifi booster is suggested. Consider using in-home/ office/ apartment/ condo or in-vehicle car/ truck/ suv/ rv Samsung phone signal boosters listed below for the best results. Commercial grade building cell phone signal booster kits that require professional installation by our certified installers also available for buildings that require better cell coverage for roughly more than 10,000 sq. ft.


  • Cell boosters below work for all Samsung phones and Samsung tablets on all networks (T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc).
  • Installation is fairly easy and improved mobile phone signal boosts internet speeds and ends dropped calls.
  • After installation, cell signal boosters for Samsung phones enhance wireless signals in cars, boats, homes and businesses.

Learn more about cell phone signal boosters at FCC website to see how they benefit consumers and commercial establishments.

Scroll down to browse & buy home/ office/ building or vehicle signal boosters for Samsung phones, or call for FREE consultation:


If you need installation help by certified installers at your large building or business space, please submit quote-request for installation service.

Free trial - 60 days money-back guarantee! As long as there's some mobile signal outside the home/building or car/truck, you will definitely experience remarkable cell coverage improvement indoors and in vehicles using your Samsung cell phone, or tablet. Works with all phones and tablets including those listed in the following list of Samsung cellphones and tablet computers:

:) (Smiley) T359 Access A827 Acclaim SCH-R880 Ace SPH-i325 Admire Admire 4G Array ATIV Odyssey
ATIV S Neo (AT&T) ATIV S Neo (Sprint) ATIV SE Ativ SE Axle R311 Beat SGH-T539 Behold II Behold T919
BlackJack II SGH-i617 BlackJack SGH-i607 Blast SGH-T729 Brightside Byline R310 Caliber Captivate (Galaxy S) Captivate Glide
Character Chrono Chrono 2 Code i220 Comeback T559 Conquer 4G Continuum (Galaxy S) Contour R250
Convoy Convoy 2 Convoy 3 Convoy 4 Craft SCH-R900 Dart Delve R800 DoubleTime
Drift Droid Charge Entro Epic 4G (Galaxy S) Epix i907 Eternity II Eternity SGH-A867 Evergreen
Exclaim M550 Exhibit 4G Exhibit II 4G Factor Fascinate Fin Finesse R810 Flight A797
Flight II FlipShot SCH-U900 Focus Focus 2 Focus Flash Focus S Freeform Freeform 4
Freeform 5 Freeform II Freeform III Freeform M Galaxy Alpha Galaxy Alpha Galaxy Amp Galaxy Appeal
Galaxy Appeal Galaxy Attain 4G Galaxy Avant Galaxy Avant Galaxy Axiom Galaxy Core Prime Galaxy Core Prime (GSM) Galaxy Discover (CDMA)
Galaxy Exhibit (2013) Galaxy Exhibit 2013 Galaxy Exhibit 4G Galaxy Exhilarate Galaxy Express Galaxy Express 3 Galaxy Express Prime Galaxy Grand Prime
Galaxy Grand Prime (CDMA) Galaxy Grand Prime (GSM) Galaxy Indulge R910 Galaxy J1 Galaxy J1 Galaxy J3 (2016, CDMA) Galaxy J3 (2017, GSM) Galaxy J3 (2018)
Galaxy J3 Emerge Galaxy J7 (2016, CDMA) Galaxy J7 (2016, GSM) Galaxy J7 (2017, CDMA) Galaxy J7 (2017, GSM) Galaxy J7 (2018) Galaxy Light Galaxy Light
Galaxy Mega (CDMA) Galaxy Mega (GSM) Galaxy Mega 2 Galaxy Mega 2 Galaxy Mega 6.3 Galaxy Nexus (global) Galaxy Nexus (LTE) Galaxy Note
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2013) Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Note 3 (CDMA) Galaxy Note 3 (GSM) Galaxy Note 4 (CDMA/ GSM) Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note Edge Galaxy Note Edge (CDMA) Galaxy Note Edge (GSM) Galaxy Note II (GSM) Galaxy Note II (Sprint, US Cellular) Galaxy Note II (Verizon)
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Galaxy Note5 Galaxy Note5 (CDMA) Galaxy Note5 (GSM) Galaxy Note7 Galaxy Note8 Galaxy On5 Galaxy Prevail
Galaxy Prevail LTE Galaxy Prevail LTE Galaxy Reverb Galaxy Ring Galaxy Rugby Pro Galaxy Rugby Pro Galaxy Rush Galaxy S 4 (GSM)
Galaxy S 4 (regional CDMA) Galaxy S 4 (Verizon / Sprint) Galaxy S 4 Active Galaxy S 4 mini (GSM) Galaxy S 4 mini (Sprint, U.S. Cellular) Galaxy S 4 mini (Verizon) Galaxy S 4 zoom Galaxy S 4G
Galaxy S Aviator Galaxy S Blaze 4G Galaxy S II Galaxy S II Skyrocket Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S III (AT&T) Galaxy S III (CDMA) Galaxy S III (global)
Galaxy S III (T-Mobile) Galaxy S III (Verizon) Galaxy S III mini (GSM) Galaxy S III mini (Verizon) Galaxy S Lightray 4G Galaxy S Lightray 4G Galaxy S Relay 4G Galaxy S Relay 4G
Galaxy S3 Galaxy S3 Mini Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 Active Galaxy S4 Mini Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5 (CDMA)
Galaxy S5 (GSM) Galaxy S5 Active Galaxy S5 Active Galaxy S5 Mini Galaxy S5 mini (CDMA) Galaxy S5 mini (GSM) Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 (CDMA)
Galaxy S6 (GSM) Galaxy S6 active Galaxy S6 Active Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S6 edge (CDMA) Galaxy S6 edge (GSM) Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Galaxy S6 edge+ (CDMA)
Galaxy S6 edge+ (GSM) Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 active Galaxy S7 Active Galaxy S7 edge Galaxy S7 Edge Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 active Galaxy S8 Active Galaxy S8 Plus Galaxy S8+ Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus
Galaxy S9+ Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus Galaxy Stellar Galaxy Stratosphere 2 Galaxy Stratosphere II Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Galaxy Tab Active
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Gem
Glaxy Alpha Gleam SCH-U700 Gloss SCH-U440 Glyde U940 Gravity 2 T469 Gravity 3 Gravity Q Gravity Smart
Gravity T Gravity T459 Gravity TXT Gusto Gusto 2 Haven Heat Highlight SGH-T749
Highnote M630 Hue II R600 Illusion Impression SGH-A877 Infuse 4G Instinct HD Instinct M800 Instinct S30
Intensity II Intensity III Intensity U450 Intercept Intrepid SPH-i350 Jack i637 JetSet R550 Jitterbug 5
Jitterbug J Jitterbug Plus Jitterbug SPH-A110 Jitterbug Touch3 Juke U470 Katalyst SGH-T739 Knack U310 M220
M240 M300 M320 M330 M360 M370 M400 M520
Magnet A257 Mantra M340 Memoir SGH-T929 Messager II R560 Messager III Messager R450 Messager Touch R630 MM-A700
MM-A880 MM-A900 MM-A920 MM-A940 Moment MyShot II MyShot R430 Mysto
Mythic A897 Nexus S Nexus S 4G Omnia i910 Omnia II (CDMA) PM-A840 Propel A767 Propel Pro SGH-i627
Rant M540 Reality Reclaim M560 Renown U810 Replenish Repp Restore M570 Rogue U960
Rugby 3 Rugby 4 Rugby A837 Rugby II A847 Rugby III Rugby Smart Saga i770 SCH-A220
SCH-A310 SCH-A530 SCH-A570 SCH-A610 SCH-A630 SCH-A645 SCH-A650 SCH-A670
SCH-A690 SCH-A770 SCH-A790 SCH-A850 SCH-A870 SCH-A890 SCH-A930 SCH-A950
SCH-A970 SCH-A990 SCH-i600 SCH-i730 SCH-i760 SCH-i830 SCH-N150 SCH-N330
SCH-N370 SCH-R200 SCH-R211 SCH-R300 SCH-R400 SCH-R410 SCH-R500 Hue SCH-R610
SCH-T300 SCH-U340 SCH-U410 SCH-U420 Nimbus SCH-U430 SCH-U520 SCH-U540 SCH-U550
SCH-U620 SCH-U740 Alias Seek SGH-A107 SGH-A117 SGH-A127 SGH-A137 SGH-A157
SGH-A167 SGH-A187 SGH-A197 SGH-A227 SGH-A237 SGH-A437 SGH-A517 SGH-A637
SGH-A657 SGH-A717 SGH-A727 SGH-A737 SGH-A777 SGH-C207 SGH-C225 SGH-C417
SGH-D100 SGH-D307 SGH-D357 SGH-D407 SGH-D415 SGH-D500 SGH-D520 SGH-D600
SGH-D700 SGH-D720 SGH-D800 SGH-D807 SGH-D840 SGH-D900 SGH-E105 SGH-E315
SGH-E316 SGH-E335 SGH-E340 SGH-E350 SGH-E360 SGH-E400 SGH-E600 SGH-E610
SGH-E620 SGH-E635 SGH-E640 SGH-E715 SGH-E720 SGH-E730 SGH-E760 SGH-E770
SGH-E840 SGH-E870 SGH-E880 SGH-E900 SGH-G600 SGH-i250 SGH-i300 SGH-i320
SGH-i500 SGH-i700 SGH-N105 SGH-N625 SGH-P100 SGH-P107 SGH-P207 SGH-P300
SGH-P400 SGH-P500 SGH-P705 SGH-P716 SGH-P735 SGH-P777 SGH-P850 SGH-Q105
SGH-R225 SGH-S105 SGH-S200 SGH-S300 SGH-S307 SGH-T101g SGH-T109 SGH-T119
SGH-T139 SGH-T159 SGH-T199 SGH-T201g SGH-T209 SGH-T219 SGH-T229 SGH-T239
SGH-T249 SGH-T259 SGH-T301g SGH-T309 SGH-T329 Stripe SGH-T339 SGH-T349 SGH-T369
SGH-T409 SGH-T429 SGH-T439 SGH-T509 SGH-T519 Trace SGH-T609 SGH-T619 SGH-T629
SGH-T639 SGH-T659 SGH-T709 SGH-T719 SGH-T809 SGH-T819 SGH-V100 SGH-V205
SGH-X105 SGH-X400 SGH-X426 SGH-X450 SGH-X475 SGH-X480 SGH-X507 SGH-X640
SGH-X660 SGH-X700 SGH-X800 SGH-X820 SGH-ZX10 SGH-ZX20 Sidekick 4G Slash M310
SLM SGH-A747 Smooth Solstice II Solstice SGH-A887 Spex R210A SPH/SCH-N300 SPH-A250 SPH-A400
SPH-A420 SPH-A460 SPH-A500 SPH-A520 SPH-A540 SPH-A560 SPH-A580 SPH-A600
SPH-A620 SPH-A640 SPH-A660 SPH-A680 SPH-A740 SPH-A760 SPH-A800 SPH-A860
SPH-A960 SPH-I300 SPH-i330 SPH-i500 SPH-i550 SPH-i700 SPH-M500 SPH-M510
SPH-M610 SPH-N200 SPH-N240 SPH-N270 (Matrix Phone) SPH-N290 SPH-N400 SPH-S100 SPH-Z400
Stratosphere Stride R330 Strive A687 Stunt SCH-R100 Suede Sunburst A697 Sway U650 SYNC SGH-A707
Tint SCH-R420 Trance SCH-U490 Transfix Transform Transform Ultra Trender Trill R520 TwoStep R470
Ultra Edition 10.9 UpStage M620 VI-A820 Vibrant (Galaxy S) Wafer R510 Zeal