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Should I Be Able to See the Cell Phone Tower in Order to Use Booster?

No, you do not have to see the cell phone tower to use a booster. This is a misconception. Generally, the air is filled with signals which can be "captured" and then rebuilt or amplified by the cellphone signal booster. True, the closer you are to the tower, the more effective the booster will be, but it is not a necessity for the functionality of the booster.

Our carefully crafted products ensure that even the smallest amount of a signal can be picked up without the user being able to see the cell tower. This means that those who live in rural areas can benefit from the cell phone signal boosters just as much as those who live in the urban areas.

Keep in mind that interior and exterior antenna placement are the factors which will heavily influence the signal strength. Please follow instructions provided and your signal booster should work great as long as there's "some" signal outside your home or building.