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Some people looking for our website mistakenly type or instead of only to find afterwards that they mistyped the domain name. Nothing to worry about, though - As long as it is searched for, within a search engine's search field and not in the browser URL bar!

If, for example, you search for instead of in a search box of a search engine, most search engines including Google have very intelligent algorithm built into them to determine a searcher's "intent" and provide only intended website at the top in their search results.

However, if you type the typo in URL bar of your browser, you may encounter a serious problem such as a malware installed in your computer, if that misspelled domain name is registered and hosted by someone with bad intentions. Simply loading the web page hosted by nefarious entities may install spyware, so please beware!

Our advice? Always type in the domain of website you want to visit in the search field of a search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, instead of typing it directly in the browser's URL bar - Even if it is as easy as Because you may inadvertently type something like and instead, by mistake. It happens to all of us, once in a while.

The reasoning behind this as already explained is that if in case it is mistakenly spelled wrong or typed incorrectly (which certainly happens - albeit rarely or infrequently), you will still be safer in the hands of the search engine you use, which will most likely give you the top result of the website you intended to visit originally.

Few other typos of our website name:

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