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Sprint Distributed Antenna System (Active DAS) for 500k+ sq. ft.

Sprint Distributed Antenna System (Active DAS) Design and Installation.

Sprint DAS

Sprint Distributed Antenna System (Active DAS) Design and Installation Service.

Certified service with required approvals from Sprint.

  1. Site Survey.
  2. Active DAS System Design.
  3. Equipment Installation & Connectivity.
  4. Testing Sprint DAS Deployment.
  5. Project Management.
  6. Monitoring & Maintenance.

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Sprint DAS Distributed Antenna System Design Installation Service

Site Survey.'s experienced RF engineering team consists of licensed DAS installers and technicians. They will perform a thorough site survey before any design and installation work is undertaken. The team will visit your site and uses professional equipment to determine exact requirements. This will help ensure that we deliver top notch cellular coverage and capacity.

Site surveys include:

  • Dominant Server Analysis.
  • Test Results for Transmitters (only if required).
  • Detailed Floor Plan markups.
  • Spectrum Snapshots for wireless service providers.
  • Ambient Signal Strength Analysis.
  • Relevant Safety and Building Code documentation.

Sprint DAS Design.

Fiber optic cables are commonly used in an active DAS (Distributed Antenna System) to transfer signals between the source and remote nodes typically located throughout a building. The signal source normally combines the signals from different carriers, with each carrier supplying their own source to the system.

Sprint DAS Installation & Connectivity.

Being a Sprint DAS vendor, will survey, design, install, maintain your system as part of our installation and connectivity services. You will easily be able to meet your unique requirements by selecting any combination of our services. We always provide strong engineering expertise, professional project management, and all-inclusive documentation.

Installation Services typically includes:

  • Confirmation of Cable Integrity.
  • Your Safety Requirement Documentation.
  • Building Code Documentation.
  • Services available Nationwide.
  • Documentation for Installation.
  • Management of Field Construction.
  • Maintenance of Systems In Buildings.
  • System Verification.
  • System Acceptance Testing.

Project Management.

Project management is key in ensuring that projects are delivered in budget and on time. That is why our project management team members are PMP certified and have many years of experience in installing wireless telecom systems in buildings.

The team constantly liaises with our customers to ensure their wireless needs are met in all aspects. We make sure all loose ends are properly tied up by using detailed project close-out checklists, resulting in consistent system delivery.

PMBOK, the Project Management Institute's methodology, is used to ensure that all work is executed professionally. This methodology is used internationally by project teams of all disciplines.

Monitoring & Maintenance.

A wireless network router, supplied by us, is used to provide round the clock DAS monitoring of all SNMP messages.

The DAS will be accessed remotely when a problem is identified and system alarms checked, the fault identified and the fault remotely repaired. If the problem cannot be resolved from our offices, a technician will be sent to site to do repairs.

All support team members are trained to repair DAS problems quickly and efficiently. All support plans have various alternatives for keeping hardware spares to allow repairs to be done efficiently.

Preventing system failures means improved productivity in your company due to a high level of system uptime. We do regular preventive maintenance and will provide you with a detailed annual assessment report and details of preventive maintenance done.


Get a free, no-obligation estimate for expert signal enhancing system design and professional installation of outdoor or indoor Sprint DAS signal enhancement system. Excellent for any size non-profit governmental or for-profit private company commercial / business property. Enjoy a turn-key start to finish design, installation, and maintenance service by industry leading experienced team covering a nationwide footprint in USA & internationally across Canada.

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