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SureCall Cell Phone Signal Boosters


SureCall cell phone signal boosters are partially judged by decibel gain, or dBs, but that is only part of the story. DBs provide a good initial impression of a booster’s power and range, but much more goes into SureCall boosters besides that. Much, much more.

Exterior Protection:

Unlike competitive models, all SureCall boosters are encased by metal. Our metal shells do two things: Provide sturdy protection against accidental damage and keep the inner workings running cool and efficiently.

Interior Efficiency: 

Our superior internal design provides the clearest and most consistent enhanced cellular signal in its price range. Our boosters’ compartmentalized design prevents oscillation interference, or noise. This design helps enable our boosters to handle more simultaneous calls and allows cell phone users to have the clearest calls with the highest data rates.


We don’t distinguish between personal and commercial users when providing professional-grade antennas and cable accessories. We do this because we know your personal vehicle or home use can be demanding too, and you desire a quality product that will stand the test of time.


There're many signal improvement solutions including solutions to enhance in-vehicle & in-building cellular reception.

Vehicle Connection:

Safely communicating via cellphone is a way of life these days. Unfortunately, so is spotty cellular reception. SureCall’s compact booster kits provide consistent cellular reception with hands-free devices compatible with Bluetooth. 

Our compact boosters provide big reception in a small package that can fit unobtrusively in any car, truck, van or RV cab. Able to connect with cell towers 50 miles away, you can stay connected for personal, business or emergency reasons. And it is not just superior cellular service. 

There are SureCall solutions for direct connect remote data monitoring for commercial fleets that require constant connection. Whatever the need, with 15 minutes antenna and booster assembly, you can begin sending and receiving consistent, clear cellular communication in your vehicle today.

Room or Home Reception:

With a SureCall booster home kit, you don’t have to wander outside or around the house to get cell reception. SureCall boosters and antenna kits ensure clear and consistent cellular coverage wherever you need it, whether it is a home in a canyon or a cabin in the woods. 

The only choice you have to make is whether to cover a room/home office or your whole house. Along with the booster, our kits provide you with a weather resistant outside antenna and a neutral color, omni-directional inside antenna that blends with almost any décor and enough cabling to install your booster system wherever you need. 

Our personal kits come in 55 dB and 62 dB depending on how much area you wish to cover, be it room or a whole home.

Depend on the data - 4G and Laptop:

More and more, cellphones are used for downloading and uploading data. 4G connectivity is all about data speed and SureCall boosters have a solution for every major carrier: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. As 4G and LTE becomes standard, maximizing data speed will become as important as clear voice reception. With this in mind, SureCall (previously Cellphone-Mate) provides products which anticipate the future of cellular technology and user's needs. 

For business, more and more companies are relying on remote monitoring of all kinds for commercial fleets in the field. Our SureCall direct-connect 2G/ 3G/ 4G solutions provide the most reliable solutions available.