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SureCall Level 2 Certified Installer Training Certificate


SureCall Level 2 Certified Installer Training Completion Certificate PDF file should display above. It certifies completion of SureCall's Certified Installer Level 2 Program. If PDF file has not loaded above, please reload because it is a large file which may prevent loading right away. If it does not display above despite re-loading, please check to ensure your browser supports PDF files. If no PDF viewing solution is available, please visit about us page for the rest of information.

SureCall certification encompasses following important concepts, products, and training:

  • Proper site survey performance methods.
  • Analyzing each installation individually and determining the best solution.
  • The proper installation of the chosen solution to achieve optimal performance.
  • Installation troubleshooting.
  • The full spectrum of SureCall products, including connectors, cables, antennas, and amplifiers.

With a certified SureCall installer, you will be aligning your company with the industry leader in the development and provision of technologically advanced amplifier technology, including products that have the full approval of the IC and the FCC. SureCall was the first to produce amplifiers for 4G and LTE, and enjoy a return rate of less than 1% on all products sold. When you partner with, you will also have full access to our engineering, system design, sales, and tech support teams.